People Watching: airport edition – By @carlyillston

By Carly Illston


People Watching: airport edition 


Marc has mentioned on a few occasions that something he recommends is to go to a supermarket, and stay in there for a few hours, watching people. Seeing what they pick up, what route they take through the aisles, and so on. So I decided to make some use of the time I had at the airport today and do my own version of people watching. So here are some people of note. 

The lovely Scottish man at the British Airways checkin counter who knew we were in a rush and didn’t make my flatmate pay extra for her heavy bag. 

The woman carrying a nando’s takeout bag and two bottles of vodka walking in front of us on our way to the gate. For some reason, almost every time I get on a flight I find myself drawn to someone I see at some point of the airport experience, and that person always ends up sitting next to me on the plane. Nando’s lady was that person. 

The tall guy with the face tattoos and the bags (read: suitcases) under his eyes, walking his newborn baby girl up and down the aisle to try to get her to sleep. 

The 30 year old guy also sitting next to me on the plane wearing fake Gucci sunglasses bragging about how big his boat is (definitely compensating for something). He also made me guess how many times he got the cane at primary school. Yep, I was uncomfortable as well. 

The lovely airport customs woman who let me into Bermuda despite me losing my work permit just because it was Christmas. (In reality she probably just couldn’t be bothered to look me up on the system but lets pretend it was Christmas spirit) 

The little girl who couldn’t have been more than 6 years old standing wearing air pods and holding a phone at least 3 generations ahead of mine. Her brother also had a pair, with a minecraft case. 

And you may be wondering where I fit into all of this. Well, my flatmate and I were the 2 girls sprinting through the airport because somehow, despite careful planning, we managed to get to the airport less than an hour before our flight started boarding. This meant we couldn’t get our traditional airport Wagamamas, and I had to settle for a bag of crisps. Then, an hour later, finding myself sandwiched in the middle of mr big boat and the nando’s lady, I was the girl crying at Spiderman. And George Clooney dying in Gravity (oops, spoiler alert). And The Holiday. 

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