Ben’s dream journal

I was really stuck with my first SCAB and what to actually write about, as I imagined (and hoped) that the rest of the next SCAs were too. I’ve never written a blog and really had no intention of starting one either.

As I was racking my small brain, hearing the pathetic cogs whir, really having no idea at all of what to write. It dawned on me that the last time I was thrown into a new class with no one I knew was in 2014…the year that brought us ebola and U2’s iTunes fiasco.

So I thought as some of my new classmates might read this, I thought it might be a good opportunity to share a bit about myself. So what better way of doing this than sharing a dream journal (again something I had no intention of doing) each line is all I could remember from each dream, they don’t link, thank god, that would have been a
stressful night.

To be honest, the dream journal started off pretty poorly and continued in this fashion, but I thought in for a penny in for a pound and here we are.

Ben’s dream journal

Like Bridgeton but it’s a military camp.

A family holiday, driving around, lots of parking.

Our tyres kept deflating and I needed the police (who were helping a duck) to help us out.

Ordered a coffee from a pet shop, it was expensive and he thought I was rude. We went out  for drinks after. 

Reorganising the flat but I had different flatmates, we sorted out the flower pot. 

New chatting platform – I don’t really get this one to be honest but hopefully I turn into a Zuckerberg type, maybe it could be a platform where people could share their shit dreams? 

Prepping for a camping holiday, everyone was showing off their tents. 

My friend Tom made me a mince pie, it was summer.

Making big puppets for this show with the slo-mo guys and my Dad and Tobes (my brother,  he features quite a lot which I’m sure he’ll like).

Me and Tobes were late for school so had to get some weird teacher to drive us. 

Back at my old school with Tobes and we had to make a drama piece on the lawn, we then  went up to the music room to practice. Miss Hooper was also there.  

Trying to find a way to wear and transport a man’s skin with Tobes, again more car troubles  parking wise – yeh, I know, I don’t really get this one either but it seemed normal at the time.

Made lots of chicken wings, they were pretty good.

Now onto a special segment I call “Dreams based on films and stuff I watched before bed  cause I was stressed and tired”. 

F1 Silverstone sprint race. 

John Wick. 

The Matrix (I got into a bit of a Keanu Reeves stint).

Beauty school dropout.

So, that was…interesting. I hope that this gives a better insight into me as a person, I know that it has for me. Now to end I’ll leave you with this: 

Describing your dream is like describing a sunset you’ve seen, no one really gives a shit…

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