Between the Boy and the Serpent at the Bottom of the Ocean

I am afraid. 

Of me.  

Of you. 

But I love you.  

I know. 

I want to be with you always

At the bottom of the sea. 

At the bottom of the sea.  

I cannot breathe down there.  

There is no noise down here.  

There is no light down there. 

There is no rush down here.  

It is too cold down there. 

I will coil myself around you and rock you softly to sleep.  

I must not sleep. 

You are so tired.  

The sun has only just begun to rise. I don’t want to miss the day.  

Night will come so fast. 

The sun will set no matter how much you dance about and sing.  Nothing you can do will hold Horus in the sky.  

But I will have danced and sung. Horus can do as he pleases; these are ends in themselves. 

Others will dance faster and sing louder than you.  


Your thin confidence is as translucent as jellyfish flesh.  

It does not matter what they do. 

Yes it does. Your worth is relative to the achievements of others.  

Words of a deceiver.  

You deceive yourself. You tread water knowing you will sink.  

I will not listen.

But you will hear.  

And on and on it went…  


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