Complainer – By @charl_49

By Charlotte Allard




We often say that French people are grouch. This stereotype isn’t new. In 2011, a survey reveals that 61% of Frenchs were pessimists about the country situation and predicted that the situation was going to be worst in the future. Opposite to the outside world point of view, the rest of the world think that French are pretty lucky to have a good social system, freedom of expression and a relatively good quality of life.


So, as I am French and quite complainer I decided to do a list of all the little things that I complain about really often.

  • When nobody is giving a seat to an elderly or pregnant woman in the tube and if you finally ask them to leave the seat they pretend to haven’t saw that before
  • When there is free seat in the tube at the peak hour and someone stay stand in front of it whereas he could give more space in the coach for others passengers if he could just seat down .
  • When you hesitate to enter in the crowded train coach in order to not crush people and you decide to wait the next train but there is one person who comes from nowhere and push everybody just in front of you and catch the train
  • When you are late (in addition to be grouch, Frenchs tends to be late as well really often) and you wait 4 buses before one let you come in after 15 minutes waiting
  • When you order or buy something in a restaurant or shop in English and the guy reply in French as your accent sound terribly French
  • When EasyJet ask you to have one bag when you are doing the check-in and you smash everything but the person before you passed with 3 bags and they put it in luggage hold for free
  • When you buy a Tesco meal and the label look gorgeous but the food is actually worst than dog food
  • When someone places himself in front of you, showing you his back whereas you where in a group conversation and they just expel you of the circle
  • When people are faked as possible and try to destroy you on social media because they feel powerful behind their screens
  • When you convinces yourself to invest in buying vegetables and fruits to eat healthier but they perish because you preferred eating junk food all the week
  • When you party too much and paying this the two following days
  • When you deal with any estate agent but at the end you always been aggrieved because there is always some hided clauses to make you waste money
  • When you really though you could stay in touch with someone but the time is flying and you realize that you don’t know anymore the person when they update their Facebook profile and it’s just the only news that you have


Bref, I guess that I’m complaining quite a lot in the daily basis even if I know there are more important problems happening everywhere. I’ll try to be more optimist in 2019, maybe I should try to avoid the tube to do so… But I promise I’ll try! Well just if we survive the end of 2018 of course.

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