Bit of Both, by @J_T_1993







By John Trainor


As most people know I decided to go down the ideapreneur route about 3-4 months ago, incase your not sure what the ideapreneur route is its a chance to bring a business or start up idea you might have to life with support from the school.

It was a pretty big choice for me to change from a copyrighter to go down the Ideapreneur route as Id be the only person in the class doing so, also there is no real guarantee anything will come of the business idea, though feedback from Marc and other mentors have really helped me make that choice choice. Since doing so I’ve learnt a lot about what a business needs to operate and also the steps that need to be carried out before the business it launched.

As mush as I’ve loved doing something totally new and different, I have to say its been pretty hard too. one reason why I’ve found it tough is because working on your own in a room full of teams means I find myself pretty isolated at times and working on your own can be slightly demotivating. Another reason is that I’m surrounded by the one thing I decided to not do, Advertising. This was the reason I joined the school and something I loved.

Theres no reason why I can’t do both especially while the business idea I have is still in an early stage and will naturally move slightly slow at the moment. So thats what I’ve been doing, Ive been working on D&AD and the portfolio briefs and its really helped my mood in school. It would really get my down when id come in to school and make really small steps on the business, now working on a little bit of both I’m seeing a little more happen with my time

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