Cannes Future Lions and the search for tech. By @eandertonallen

By Beth Anderton-Allen


Cannes Future Lions and the search for tech.

The Brief: Connect an audience of your choosing to a product or service from a global brand in a way that wasn’t possible three years ago. Trying to nail something down for Cannes Future Lions is proving a lot harder than you think. The brief is so open that trying to decide on something is really difficult. Do you start by finding a problem? Do you start by finding a piece of new tech? or do you start by looking at a brand?

It’s feels like as soon as you find something your excited about, someone else has already gone and done it. With the development of tech rising experientially, the rise of people solving problems with tech is doing the same. But if you look at a lot of the Future Lions winners, the tech they seem to use is already integrated into society compared to some of the really obscure developments.

So if your searching for some tech, here are some of the game changers set for 2017.

  • Smart sport shoes that analyses your game.
  • Fove VR headset which tracks the movement of your eyeballs. Pioneering the way we interact

    with VR.

  • Project Soli. A new sensing technology that recognises touch-less gesture interactions.
  • Nest smart home is increasing the power of it’s control platform.
  • Here One smart wireless headphones. That work with all the AI assistants and offer futuristic

    extras like augmented audio and layered listening.

  • Developments in wearable fitness bands will allow more biometric data will be available.
  • Octopus kids watch lets parents send visual reminders and gamify chores, plus it helps kids

    learn to tell the time.

  • Openwater are developing a wearable MRI machine.
  • Smart homes are going to look after our health and mood. Air quality, light, noise and humidity

    will be able to be controlled.

  • Wearable tech will not only be able to sense our fitness, but will start sensing out emotions.
  • AsteroidOS is an open-source operating system for smartwatches.
  • ID wristbands for events that allow NFC payments, photo tagging and easy access to doors,

    turnstiles and lockers.

  • Magic Leap is a mixed reality start up.
  • Loomia are developing smart materials and fabric.
  • Wearable tech tattoos.
  • Oculus Santa Cruz is meant to be a bridge between mobile VR and wired PC VR .
  • Self powered tech. Matrix PowerWatch – that harness body heat to keep the lights on.
  • The connected driver. Hyundai has hooked its car app up to Amazon Echo, Volvo is exploring

    AR smart glasses and in-car delivery and Ford’s new automotive wearables lab wants to use

    watches and bands to monitor the stress and health of drivers.

  • Snapchat spectacles.
  • Studio XO’s tech-infused streetwear.
  • LVL is a wearable that monitors hydration to keep your fluids topped up.
  • Google and Levis have teamed up to create a connected denim jacket that will let cyclists

    control music, get directions and more by swiping over the tech-packed sleeve via a smart tag.

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