Blind date? Just call customer service @Jonothankh

By Jono Hunt 




How much is customer service worth?


Right now I’m on the phone to Argos. I say “on the phone” of course, I’m actually on hold.


I’ve been bounced between Argos, Santander and a financial authority for about 2 hours.


I could have the items delivered tomorrow morning.


But I paid for them to be sent between 7 pm and 11 pm.


In this confusion of ‘bounce backs’, I’ve talked to Daren from Belfast three times and Susan from Argos’s account & recovery team, twice.


Not to forget Dave, also from Belfast, Shawn, and Sarah.


I’ve received three authorisation codes and 5 emails.


And then about twenty asking me to review the customer service, and the problem hasn’t even been solved yet.




Susan (from Argos’s account & recovery team) has sorted it out. I will now be reviewing the items on time, despite what she claims is Santander’s incorrect financial data.


And I mean that raises the question: who should I trust more with finance: Argos, or my bank?


Santander has only five times let me down.


Once was when I bought a €0.21c croissant. They charged me the €0.21c, a base €5 charge, €0.20c percentage buy fee, and an ‘a none warning overseas charge’ of €2.00.


By this time, I could have just bought the bakery. And probably a holiday home too.


Back to customer support though.


Once I almost went gay for a man from EE.


I had, by mistake, chosen the £15 3G pack, not the £10 4G pack.


So I called customer support and was answered by an incredible man.


He not only sorted out the problem and even saved me some money, but also provided great entertainment in a conversation about Linux, music storage, and how Sony phones provide the best value for money when it comes to sound quality.


I got so excited, that I even ‘Snapchatted’ some of the conversation.


And I didn’t stop there.


I signed up for the EE feedback forum and because there was no ‘positive feedback’ category, I chose “What can we do to improve” and I put: “Nothing.”

I then proceeded to write about the joys of my phone call.

The next day, I got a personal email from EE.


I had won a home-pack of goodies.


It hasn’t arrived yet. And it’s been ages, but still, that phone call has lived on with me.


And so I switched to EE broadband, and, every time I see the logo, I sing the two note EE jingle. (🎵C# “E” to Ab “E”).


I know most people wouldn’t be so ‘effected’ by great customer service, but it could be the difference between a customer returning or not.


Even though I’m a student and cannot afford much, I will pay that little bit more for someone to ask how my day was and whether I would like some free radishes, because I bought 5 bunches last time (Brixton Market).


So in a society, where the service industry is the future of human work, purchases and more, it’s important to be finding ways to make customer service the best it can be.


Even a good bot can do it. For instance TK Maxx’s purchase assistant on Messenger.


It’s been emotional.

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