Push through the pain barriers – By @maryjohansen_

Marianne Wathne Johansen

By Marianne Wathne Johansen


Push through the pain barriers


Last week, I was gonna cut a passion fruit. Instead, I cut my finger. Unfortunately, it was a pretty sharp knife, so the cut was fairly deep. There was a lot of blood. Conveniently, my plasters are kept under my bed in a white storage box, which is now partly red.


Anyway, I’m also disabled. My right hand only works 25% of that of a regular hand, and my fingers kind of resemble mini sausages. So understandably, writing with just four digits is a challenge. So with a SCAB due today, I freaked out a bit. My fellow Fat Penguin Kenny offered to type it in for me, however I thought that would be a bit weird. In the end I decided to write it all on my own, and push through the pain barriers.


Lately Marc has been talking a lot about developing super human creative powers. One of the things he said that really stuck with me was that you have to push through the pain barriers to be great. I’m by no means saying that I think this SCAB is great, but I decided to literally push through those pain barriers to meet the deadline. I mean, it really does hurt, and it has taken me ages. I’ve probably spent more time typing than thinking, which isn’t what I normally do. But I met the deadline, and that’s an extremely important thing in advertising.


So what can you take from this? Well, chances are that if we can push through our pain barriers, be they physical, emotional or otherwise, we can come a little bit closer to achieving our goals.

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