Bonfiring my dying fire @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale

I lost my fire last week. 

Produced work I wasn’t proud of.

Didn’t put as much effort as I should’ve into work and didn’t find the will to.

I’ve had troubles following my routine.

I’ve struggled waking up in the morning and I’ve struggled staying up in the evening.

I’ve been unfocused and spent time on things that weren’t a priority.

I’ve even left a couple of opportunities slip through my fingers. 

And I’ve put off things until the next day, for example, this SCAB which was due two days ago.

So, I’m taking this Bonfire Night as a chance to fuel my fire again.

Promise myself a few things publicly so whenever I feel like I’m losing my fire again, those who care will gently remind me of this. 

1. When I won’t be excited by an idea, I will push until squeezing a better one.

2. When an opportunity will appear, I will grab it. No matter what. No excuses allowed.

3. When grabbing an opportunity, I will make sure I am not neglecting mandatory work.

3. When feeling down, I will allow myself a night off. Not more.

4. When working on a brief, I will make sure I make work I am proud of.

5. If not proud of the work, I will keep pushing until scamping makes me bleed.

6. When a SCAB will be due, I will write it two or three days before the deadline.

7. If I encounter any kind of problems, I will not make any excuses to avoid them.

8. Even when tired, I will force myself writing my gratitude in my Self Journal.

9. I will hit every deadline. Every deadline. Even out-of-SCA deadlines.

10. I will let myself breathe and make sure I take care of my mental health. 

This might sound dull to any of you readers but please, if you ever hear me complain about any of the above, just remind me of this SCAB. I don’t want to waste any more energy on complaining about issues I can just deal with.

It’s Sunday night, tomorrow’s another week.

I’m off to light my fire again.

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