Bright sunny day – By @aroundskadri

Adriano Sganzini

By Adriano Sganzini


Bright sunny day


Everyone knows it, English people are obsessed with the weather. Some studies show that an English person checks the weather forecast at least once a day and they start a conversation about the weather every 6 hours.

One in five claimed that weather-talk is an easy way of appearing friendly to strangers, while 12 per cent said it helps keep conversations safe and impersonal.

So here is a little help for all foreigners. How keep a conversation about weather for more than 3 minutes:


Random conversation between two English people:

-: Hello Larry

-: Hello Franz, how are you?

-: I’m fine thanks and you?

-: Fine thanks. So what do you think? I’m not beautiful?

-: No, but it’s a beautiful day today! It’s sunny and there is a cool breeze.

-: Wow! I know the weather is amazing today!

-: I hope it stays like this through the weekend!

-: Oh I wish we weren’t cooped up in this office all day.

-: I’m so happy we’re finally getting nice weather.

-: I know! Why is it always the nicest weather on the weekdays?  I wish it would have been this nice last weekend.

-: I know! Last weekend, the weather was miserable. Do you have any plans this weekend?

-: It depends on the weather, I already checked the forecast twice today. I hope it’s not raining I planned a picnic.

-: I hope as well but on the radio they were not very positive about the weather for Saturday. They were saying that it won’t be sunny but it won’t rain too much either.


I hope this can help some foreigners like me to start a conversation with random people.

Networking for us is always important and in the first minute the person in front of us will know if we are enough prepared to speak with him or not.

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