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School of Communication Arts students launch a radical new agency where creativity is king.

Press Release:
Busk will officially be in business from November 8th.

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In an age when advertising budgets are shrinking dramatically and agencies are more fearful than ever of losing clients, a fresh approach has been called for from those who fear that creativity is being ripped from the heart of the industry. The fresh faced Buskers from SCA, under the guidance of the Dean, Marc Lewis, and over 300 senior industry mentors, are on a mission to breathe new life into the business.

No overheads or corporate politics guarantees an environment where risk taking and radical thinking is positively encouraged – allowing the students the freedom to put the best idea forward, not just the safe, unremarkable one that they think the client will buy.

There has been much criticism recently about the way creativity is taught in schools and universities. Ken Robinson, for example, in his passionate talk at TED, suggested that the current educational model is trapped in the industrial age, and irrelevant to the modern generation, with universities throwing graduates out into the world of employment with little more than outdated knowledge and piece of paper with a grade on it.

At the School of Communications Arts students are allowed to think for themselves – and encouraged by mentors to develop fresh, original ideas. They learn on the job, working on live briefs from top agencies and real clients – who aren’t charged fees – but are asked simply to pay what they think the work is worth.

The next generation of creative thinkers are based in a church in Vauxhall.

The resurrection of advertising starts here.

For more information you can contact Lewis Beaton on 07704768968 or email at:

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