Bye Guss. – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovsk


Bye Guss.

I wanted to give a tribute to Guss.

Guss was a man who was working in Manchester University. Well he decided to go to Newcastle, because his job was better.

Guss was a Janitor.

The only thing he liked was eating and drinking. Beer and meat, and of course potatoes. It was exactly what made him happy.

I liked Guss for that because both of us shared this common point. We both have a rather big appetite.

Staying late at night walking around the school, he did not sleep much and dreamed of changing things. See the blue sky, the happy people, and a green earth. But he did not know what, he did not know how to get involved in something important. The students were his example. Fresh in the morning, motivated, always ready to discover new things, he wanted to follow them.

But his work prevented him. He had to do long days because the school was so huge. He did not earn the wage that he wanted, did not have his dream job or the woman of his dreams. But he still remained happy. Happy because everything was fine. He did not feel stressed.

Then one day everything changed. 

Guss had to change his place of residence, he was forced to leave the country. To leave the country he had occupied for a long time.

Poor Guss.

In one click Guss was gone. It was removed from my illustrator file. It was now necessary to create a new character. Guss did not meet the criteria to star in my video. I had thought of his attitude, his voice, his approach. But Guss was never going to come alive. 

But maybe he can live on in this very SCAB.

Bye Guss, enchanté.


The copy scores 84.4 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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