Where are their faces again? @mustoejames

By James Mustoe

When’s the fairness invasion?
What’s needed is an alien with an equality persuasion.
Even Miracles take a little time,
But he ain’t stopping, he ain’t saving this is our complication.

Why do they print such negativity in the media?
Keep you on your toes, keep the fear in ya.
Your Life’s a social media, surviving on the comments and the likes that they’re feeding ya.
Real improvements and change, not just a rearrangement of faces and names. Promises and pledges disappearing ASAP, like the contents of your Snapchat We’ll do this… we’ll do that… ssshhh… until we get in just say that.

There’s a chunk missing from my payslip like a Mako bit it out, Mute the masses mute the public that’s what they dream about, An eruption of spending like Mount Vesuvius just spewed it out, Deep breath, breathe in breathe out.

These leaders are not leading, instilling fear and fearing.
Youths abroad still Chupa Chopping, sucking lollipops, falling like the sticks that they’re dropping.
Here it’s back patting and clapping, champagne popping, filling glasses till they’re over topping.
Worlds apart but we’re not, it’s a thin line that separates us from the digits that they’ve got,
Sitting like the cream, difference is we have to work to rise to the top.

We got them all wrong? Nah, different hymn sheet, different song. Vultures pecking us apart, my banks empty now they’re in my overdraft. Cutting a bigger slice, stomachs aching, dealing breaking,
Enjoy the Michelin star lunch, while we take a Mayweather punch. Caviar, salmon, stone crab don’t worry we got the tab.

No law detected, In countries once rich now we’ve infected.
No diamonds copper or lead, nothing left just Mother Nature shaking her head. Worlds Just a stage and we’re the actors in it, an opera, like a phantom without the lines some of us have forgotten to sing it.
It’s all a backdrop, we’ve gotta start deciding who get’s the chop.

Can someone pinch me is this really happening?
Brain training our youths lacking, reality TV like we’re primary school fracking. Education? Get saving, the list of promises made keeps changing,
Unless things change we’ll all be slaving, best poker faces in the game it’s amazing, A horror movie without the sound, a Usain running without the ground,
Dealt themselves pocket aces again, stacks so high where are their faces again?

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