Can another middle-class white boy get TikTok famous?

Probably not.

But Marc has been piling the pressure on me for weeks now to get TikTok famous. Why me? Oh because he sat next to some bloke called Rob who was TikTok at Digital Podge last year. Up yours Rob Mayhew – you made Marc make me do this.

To say these videos are unpolished would be an understatement. To say they’re worthy of TikTok would be an outright lie. However, these are some situations that felt mildly amusing in my head, so I enacted them.

Along with some of my fellow Honeypies, I have been enrolled in The Comedy School. A 6-week crash course in comedy leading to a comedy night where we have to perform stand-up. So these TikToks will hopefully provide an adequate before-and-after to see if I’ve got any funnier. Given that I’m a dry, sarcastic son of a bitch in real life, I figured for these videos that may have to be my style. 

Please watch these, like these, share these. If not out of appreciation, for pity. If not out of pity, just do a lad a favour and help me get Marc off my back.


Playing chicken with a phone walker… (This is what happens when a 29 year old gets told he has to get on TikTok…) #fyp #xyzcba #foryou #foryoupage #viral #humour #funny #britishhumour #tiktok #fy

♬ original sound – Rob


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