Can’t look at a screen anymore. – By @bellwoodart

Can’t look at a screen anymore. 

I honestly can’t look at screens anymore. Space so I decided to do this scab on my phone dictating it to see how it would come out to try and save my poor eyes from looking at a screen any more than it is. 🙂 Enter enter I’m not even going to look at it before I send it to Amy I’m just going to send it and see how it is and if it turns out amazingly then we all know that we can bang out a scab in say like five minutes. So, what am I actually going to talk about in the scab.? Let’s talk about how we are just spending so much time on our screens at the moment. Enter I am really struggling with just staring at a screen all day and I feel that everyone else can kind of appreciate this I’m bored of just listening, staring being visually uninspired I’m so over it. But what can we do to try and improve this? Confused face. I definitely want to invest some of my time and money looking into getting some blue lens glasses because it’s honestly making my eyesight so much worse. Sad face. If anyone reading this if they have any hints and tricks like hints and tips no wait go back hints and tips not hints and tricks oh shit. Sorry I just got a peak of what it was typing out then.  

Oh I have realised it’s not been entering when I’ve said enter how do you get it so it goes like underneath.Oh my God okay if you say it works. 

Oh my God I can’t tell you what the thing is that you need to say because it just gives me a new paragraph. Oh my God it worked then if you just say

And it gives you

Oh my God it’s it doesn’t it stops working every time I say that’s really annoying and tweet me if you wanna know how you get it to work.I am actually going to google right now how to dictate into your phone so you don’t have to type things out.


Okay realise this doesn’t work either because every time I say it it ruins it so I will attach a couple of tricks to the scab and I feel like I can wrap up now I hope you enjoyed this and that I can help make your life a little bit better by not staring at a screen all day along with my darlings. Bye bye. (some tips)

Bellwood. Ex. Ex.

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