A great day.@ChristianAasber

So third Day of the school, We have been through a lot of things the last couple of days, poetry class which was really great, We learned a lot about free writing and making things up on the spot, Dianna really managed to get everyone in on the assignments and even though I thought it would be boring, I really had a good time. Meditation was also a task of the Day, We used this app called muse, Where you have to put a headband on that measure your brainwaves and tells you if you are calm, I think it went Well, I did a 7-minute meditation round and was calm 84% of the time.
Last but not least was the improv workshop, Where We had to make things up as We went, that was funny, like really really funny.

On to Thursday Where We had agency visits, We were divided into three groups, and my group had to visit Tribal worldwide and CP+B.

Tribal worldwide is really into new technologies and are a digital company, they work with a lot of Big clients, and they always try to evolve and make better things, searching for new technologies and applying them into advertising. Even though it was interesting hearing about, I came to the conclusion that a digital company like Tribal is not really my cup of tea, I could not imagine myself working in a Company like that. But everyone evolves, so when We are finished with the School year, the who knows.

Next up CP+B. Now that seems like a Company I could work in, they seemed much more loose, and the atmosphere was great. They encourage self-thinking, and if you have a project that you have a passion for, they will help you get it up and going. They have done a lot of interesting work and I would love to help them go further, But then again, who knows What happens in the future, I might change my mind.

At the end of each visit, We had to do interviews with them, it turned out great, We did a love theme interview, which involved questions like “How was your first time” they could answer anything they wanted, and it was interesting seeing How they each had their own spin on them. Aborter question was “if you should cheat on your company with another Company, which would it be?” Some of them said that they would not. Hmm, I’m not sure I believe that, But okay. And now We just have to edit the footage to make our voxpop, hopefully, that Will go Well.

Everything had been so cool this far, and I look forward to seeing What comes in the future.

Until next time. See ya.

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