Casey Neistat – by @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton

By Michael Hutton


Casey Neistat


If you’re lacking in motivation and application at the moment, or simply looking for a distraction, I encourage you to check out Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel.

This guy is insanely productive. As well as being a new father; a husband; a businessman, and a filmmaker day-to-day, he also produces a daily VLOG. He has done so for the past fifty-or-so days. 

It’s as if the Energizer bunny supercharged himself with caffeine, cocaine and speed.

His energy and enthusiasm for life is so damn impressive. He documents every mundane occurrence in his life, but makes it seem like an Earth shatteringly exciting moment. This guy can tell a story. He can communicate.

He’s been very clear about his own personal branding, and brands approach him to make commercials because he has a unique style – not the other way round. He is his own man and I respect him because he never falters from it. Although he may rub some people the wrong way, he stays true to his own being and knows exactly what he wants from life.

This is the type of person we’ll be up against in agency life. The always ‘on’ type. We need to be this person. Looking for the next piece of work. Making the next piece of work happen, before it even exists.

Happy watching.

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