Celebrating Pencils – By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


Celebrating Pencils

For the past few weeks we’ve been head over heels in love and in pain with the upcoming D&AD deadline. Blisters have formed. Headaches blossomed . Ideas sprung. We’ve asked the HUSH intake how we would celebrate if we were to find out that we had won a pencil after this gruesomely fabulous ‘learning curve’.



Charles: if I win a pencil I’m going to cut it in thirds and share it with my brilliant partner Josie and the amazing Max. We’ll each have a piece to mount above our mantle pieces. Then I’m going to do a swan dive into the nearest pint glass.


Dean: Karolina deserves one pencil. She’s the driving force. Without her I’m just a jewish boy. Pete has been so incredible during this journey. Finally, if we win, we’ll buy a Yupi Pizza, and drink straight smirnoff and lime. Then we’ll dance to ‘Just in Time’ by Raw Silk. Then ‘Do it to the Music’


Saphire: Use my pencil to sign autographs. Joking. Put it in my eye.


Alex T: it’s a shame pirates don’t realise the real treasure is the friends they make on the way.


Antonio:  I would celebrate wearing with our magic eating dairy products to being able to do plenty of flatulence. Then I will call my Italian friends saying that I won probably the most prestigious advertising student award. And they will probably say ‘Wow. Just a pencil. And you can’t even draw with it. That’s why you left us for’. But I would ignore them and cook for all of my SCA friends some bolognese pasta. So yeah, if I will black pencil, you all HUSH puppies and mentors will have a try of my legendary pasta. About that, I will, of course, write a thanks letter to Pasta RUMMO, for being with me in my darkest time. One day, when I will be the D&Ad president, I’ll create a new award: Pasta Yellow pencil, for the works that make the world a better restaurant.


Maddy: I would celebrate with my parents. Comforted in knowing that the money thee invested in me hasn’t been an entire waste and that I’m just as good if not BETTER and MORE SUCCESSFUL than my brothers.




Holly: Once getting over the initial shock of winning, crying and thinking I was being pranked, I would buy Maddy a drink to thank her for a lovely time and then post a picture of me and said award so all my university friends can see how well I am doing and how above average I actually am.


Mary: I would give it to my step daughter for her Sylvanian Family world she is creating. It would be the centre of the animals art college – the animal SCA. I would then build a little bench around it for the squirrels to sit during their lunch break.


Dan:∫I’m so so grateful for this award. I have so many people to thank. Too many to name. But, above all, I’d like to thank my mum and daddy lewis.


Alysha: I haven’t entered because I’ve been under the weather unfortunately. So first thing I’d do is check that I hadn’t submitted an entry in a moment of illness induced psychosis. Then, realising D&AD’s horrible mistake, in a moment that will go down in New Blood history like ‘Moonlight/La La Land’ gate at the Oscars, I would would allow myself to bask in the albeit tainted glory for a hot second, before graciously doing the bigger thing and pointing out the mistake… I think…


Vic: I’d buy a chain and use it to wear the pencil around my neck at all times. Then I’d spend the majority of my time trying to explain to people that in the advertising sphere we are so cool that we award people pencils instead of proper trophies.

Honestly though, I’d probably just go to an all you can eat pizza buffet and live my best life.


Andy: I honestly can’t think past breakfast, let alone what I might hypothetically do in three months’ time to celebrate a pencil I almost certainly won’t win.


Joe: I’m really hoping I win two pencils, one for each nipple…


Coco: Buy Leli the ring she deserves


Leli: First I would accept Cocos beautiful ring. Then cook my new pencil and serve it to my fragile ego for dinner.


Ruby: Add wheels and a handlebar, turning into a sort of miniature bike that clowns ride. Pull wheelies on it all around Brixton.


Lauren: put it up on ebay and get the how ever many entries to bid for it.  I’m poor, they want the pencil, because let’s face it D&AD work will probably not go in to our books.


Josie: take it everywhere with me, introduce it to my friends and family, buy it drinks, lavish it with fine silks, shout at people if they don’t treat it with respect  

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