*New SCAB alert* By @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


*New SCAB alert*

A friend just told me about Virgin’s Pitch to Rich competition – pitch great ideas that could bring great change and make some money from them in the process. And it made me think, why aren’t we entering competitions like this? Don’t get me wrong, D&AD and Cannes are great but this is a chance to really have ideas made, and I guess the cash could be kinda cool too.

But it made me think, why are we only entering awards that will give us stardom in advertising? There are probably loads of different competitions out there that will push us in ways we never expected. And I’m saying this, not because I want to win awards but I’m fearful of because part of the advertising machine…an Ad Man.

Yesterday, during interview day questions, we were asked if there’s anything we’d change about the school. I said that it’d be great if we had more briefs that weren’t specifically campaign-led but could make us famous or push our creativity in the ways we started to display before the course started. I think our executions could turn out to be more revolutionary and organic if we take time to think as loosely as we did before we started the course.

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