It’s not like we’re making parachutes – By @_SamBeaumont

Sam Beaumont

By Sam Beaumont


It’s not like we’re making parachutes

I’ve read a lot of interesting things about advertising this past few weeks, but there’s one nugget of wisdom that I’ll try particularly hard to keep at the front of my mind throughout this next year and beyond. It was an anecdote from a blog written by pair of creatives. They’d been working at Mother and recalled how once when they’d been in a major panic about a brief they couldn’t crack, a friendly project manager had offered them this piece of motivational greatness: “For fucks sake lads, cheer up. It’s not like we’re making parachutes!”
As someone who’s prone to feeling like the world is ending when work isn’t going well, that kind of refreshing perspective is exactly the sort of thing I need to hold onto. That’s not to say that I don’t believe advertising is important. When done right our work can have a genuine positive impact on people’s lives, and making great ads is something I’ve always wanted to do. All I mean is that by remembering that no-one dies if my work isn’t perfect, I might be able to lose the fear of making mistakes and free myself up to fail and improve.
So next time when I’m struggling with an idea or having a panic because I can’t make it work, I’ll just take a breath, think about those poor people whose job it is to keep skydivers from face planting the ground, and thank my lucky stars that I get to do advertising instead.

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