Marc told us to drink bleach – By @eudaimonicr

Marc told us to drink bleach

What is up my doods. Hope you’re staying sane and all of the emails are finding you safely. 

Last week I took a week off because my attention span has been reduced to a boiled egg and needed to refresh. Did it help? Yes. But Marc telling us we should drink bleach if we don’t email 25 people this week wasn’t the welcome back anyone’s mental health needs. And believe me, I love dark humour as much as the next gal. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something particularly distasteful about that joke.

Marc is the guy who runs SCA 2.0 (the school I go to and why I have to write these things), just to clarify to any friends who are reading this. If you are a non-SCA friend, hey wassup I miss you.

Anyway, here are some photos I took of trolleys in my local river on my week off.

I live in Barking, which takes a minimum of 3 trains to get to Brixton. Looking back, I’m not sure how I did that twice a day without hesitation. Thinking about getting on the TFL now gives me anxiety. I must’ve been on crack.

Being dyslexic means I would never be comfortable being a freelance copywriter. Believe me, I can re-read my work 50 times and still not see the spelling/grammar mistakes. I know from very painful experiences. Don’t try me on this.

I miss my mum. I see her like twice a year on holidays. She lives in Spain, their borders are shut and I’ll probably see her even less now.

These photos were submitted in my collective’s opencall. We’re called failsafe. If you have some art you made in quarantine, and you’re a hot young single in my area, please feel free to submit here -> or email us at

Stay safe, don’t drink bleach, and as my mum would say, “don’t let people live in your head, they’re not paying rent.”

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