We spoke a little this week about the highs and lows that come with change. It got me thinking about the changes in my life throughout the years. Things can change quite dramatically in a lot of different ways. 

It got me thinking about my hair. Exactly why my brain went there I’m not totally sure but as I cut my own hair I often myself wanting to do weird things with it.  It’s an extra piece that just can be a bit not conventionally normal.  And for a long time, my mom cutting my hair meant that I didn’t get to necessarily play with it as much as I would have liked. I don’t see the point of keeping it ‘normal’.  It grows back!! Here’s my hair story. I also wear hats all the time or some sort of headpiece.  Just a piece of information that isn’t very useful to the story but I love them so I thought I’d mention it. 

We’re starting at the start, after 2 years of persuasion, I finally got my mom to let me have a mohawk that I could have for 1 day! A Friday at school before she cut the top off on Saturday. 

Age 11
Wants: Mohawk

Problem: Mom only let me have it for one day because it was unprofessional 

Age 18
Wants: To win a bet

Problem: I lost the bet  

Age 19
Wants: I missed my braid (which I’d had and kept clean throughout high school) so in conclusion, get three braids.

Problem: I had a shaved head and three dry, split-end rat tails coming out of my head. I met my ex-partner’s parents for the first time looking like this. 

Age 20
Had a moppy floppy look for a while
Wants: Steaming mullet (braids present)

Problem: There was no problem this was the best  

Age 21
Wants: Desire to look like a young slim shady 

Problem: I could FaceTime my parents without a beanie and hoodie on

Age 22
Wants: Channel my inner Dennis Rodman

Problem: Same as above

Age 23
Wants: My 3 years of uni rat tails put into one

Problem: I had to cut it off for ‘Interviews’ apparently

Age 24 Wants: Get the mullet back 

Problem: My parent’s 30th wedding anniversary was coming up and I wasn’t allowed to go with my mullet 

There are definitely more to find, I don’t have my hard drive on me currently where the collection lives. Most of these changes occurred post leaving home and having a little more independence with what I did. Also when I started cutting my own hair. From 11 there’s been a couple of mohawks here and there, a few mullets, lots and lots of rat tails, and a fair few eye brown slits. Another bet lost, but I had to shave off all my body hair which was interesting having shaved legs for the first time. 

The year of growing out always is a drag but then when I get to the point of getting a big chop in I get excited and look forward to it big time.  What will happen come the end of SCA when the mop is back is unknown so happy to take suggestions.  

To bring this back to some rough sense of direction – I find change really exciting. It can be daunting, and stressful but it’s always relished.  It forces growth and I like not knowing where I want to go, who I want to be, what kind of creative I will be. Take the lessons and keep moving forward.  Nothing is permanent so enjoy the now, look forward to the future and just keep swimming I guess.



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