Chasing a colour palette

Over the years I’ve found myself drawn to a particular colour palette. I’m not quite sure why, it just makes me feel a type of way, mostly comforted but at the same time excited. So here’s my little brain dump.

William Eggleston

I first came across William Eggleston about 10 years ago in Tate Modern. This first image was being displayed. I became captivated by Eggleston’s colour palette and the rich inky nostalgia that exudes from his images.

His photography in fact, so beautiful, Eggleston’s work actually got colour photography recognised as a serious medium of photography.

Jamie Hawksworth

Jamie’s work quickly captured my attention in the same way Eggleston did, and I fell completely in love. In a similar way he pictures the everyday but bathes them in warm rich light and colours which gives all of his subject’s personality. 

Martin Parr

Satirical, intimate, and hysterical depiction of British life, all of which are exaggerated with the colours in his photography.

Alasdair McLellan

Gordon Parks Saw

A new one for me. I love the way he composes his subjects in the images to convey a further story the longer you ponder on them. Harlem Gang Leader series is a must, go check it out.

Saul Leiter

Another pioneer of colour photography whilst his peers were telling him otherwise.

Theo Cottle

A more contemporary one for you. In my previous line of work, I was a talent scout, scouting young photographers and film makers for commercials and funnily enough was always drawn to those artists who’s, surprise, surprise work share a similar quality, to my aforementioned colour palette. Although I never hired Theo, I found him whilst scouting people on Instagram one day and have been a big fan of his work ever since.

Wes Anderson

This next one goes without saying, but even if the scriptwriting isn’t that great I am one of those people who will still set there for the duration purely for the imagery.


And when it’s used in ads


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