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Cheat Sheet

My partner and I broke up recently. Which left me a little lost and confused. So I decided the best thing I could do is start from the beginning again. So this is all my notes from term one condensed into a cheat sheet. It’s been insanely helpful so I thought I would share it with you all.


Ask Why 4 times? (Maverick Mark)

The Hot spot is where the technically practical meets the utterly eccentric. (Maverick Mark)

You can only mobilize a passionate audience, people who don’t give a fuck still won’t give a fuck just because your bands doing something (Dave Birss)

People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it (Simon Sinex), so find the truth why is your brand doing this?

4 Questions for the brief (Patrick Collister)
1 – Who we talking to?
2 – what you want to say to them?
3 – Why should they give a fuck?
4 – How do we want them to respond?

Ask the question that you know will make the client uncomfy, as you need to know everything.  You should have a 1000 facts (Tony Brignull)

If the client doesn’t like change, remind them they will like irrelevance less (Beri Cheetham)

The art of indirection (John)
You would expect advertising to look like this: Advertising – Response – Action.  But in fact advertising rarely works directly it actually looks more like this:
Advertising –
Seek Info – Action
Relate to need/wants/desires – Action
Recall satisfaction – Action
Modify Attitudes – Action
Reinforce Attitudes – Action

Target demographic could be 15 different personas in one person, so who specifically are we talking to (Jonathan MacDonald)

If you’re going to encroach on someone’s personal space at least be interesting.  A proposition can be an emotional claim – does not have to be rational (John)

Creative strategy = opportunity + how + meaning + imagination ———- which leads to action Remember to ask questions about – Customer, Company, Competition, and Category (Uri Baruchin)


Start every brief thinking the brief is fantastic and it is an opportunity to be an award winning piece of work (John Hegarty)

If you feel a brief is bad question that brief until you find one interesting thing inside it.  Find the truth in that brief. (Tony Brignull)

13 techniques (Dave Birss)
– Logical Conclusion
– Illogical Conclusion
– No Words
– No Pictures
– Skewed World
– Celebrity
– Scale
– Medium is the Message
– Beat up the Enemy
– Celebrate the Problem
– Tell the Truth
– What is it Like
-Put the audience in the idea

The 4 R’s
Related Words

Say it straight then say it great, write hot edit cold (Vicky)

What is the most extreme iteration of an idea? (Peter Souter)

Yes and …. (Improv)

7 Elements of storytelling (Richard Jacobs)
-Picture this
-Let’s suppose
-What if
-In other words
-It’s a bit like
-That reminds me of

6 Hats (De Bono)
Blue – Planning
White – Stats
Black – Negative
Yellow – Positive
Red – Emotional
Green – Creative

5 Steps to an Idea (Patrick Collister)
– Gather info
– Look for any connections
– Walk away from it all
– Write something (Anything)
– Test it and start again

Testing ideas use the SUCCES formula (Chip and Dan Heath)

Windmill for Wind of Change (Jonathan MacDonald)
– Test – Learn – Improve – Test – Learn – Improve – Test – Learn – Improve – Test – Learn – Improve – Test – Learn – Improve – Test – Learn – Improve – Test – Learn – Improve –

The creative toolbox (Patrick Collister)
– Draw the problem
– Draw the solution
– Challenge assumption
– Parallel worlds
– Do the opposite

7 types of ides (Patrick Collister)
1 – Pressenter
2 – Problem/Solution
3 – The Demonstration
4 – The Analogy
5 – Inversion
6 – The Slice of Life
7 – Borrowed Interest

Ben and Alex’s checklist:

Is it an illuminating insight or undeniable human truth? (“That’s exactly how it is!”)

Is it a fresh point of thinking easily accepted by the audience?

Does it sell the benefit of the benefit? Tell me why I should buy?

Is it a long idea that gives the brand more opportunities to grow?

Is it unexpected, surprising?

Is it interesting?

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