Check Out these albums. – By @_florussell

Check Out these albums.

Every morning, we are treated to a sample from Marc’s music library as we wait for Town Hall to begin. But I’m tired of Marc having all the autonomy on music suggestions. So I’ve decided to recommend everyone in the intake an album that I think you might like, based on pretty much nothing, other than what I think I know about your personality. I’d love it if you found the time to listen and let me know what you think, but everyone’s so busy, and I could be miles off with these suggestions, so if you want to TLDR the album, I’ve also selected a couple of my top picks that will help you sound out it’s flavour. 

Holly – Vulnerabilité, Jazz Emu

Holly, you and I have been talking about some absurd comedy, and nothing encapsulates that better in musical form than this album by Jazz Emu, (AKA Archie Henderson). Be warned, it’s quite weird. Top picks – Fingerful Gloves, How to Socialise

Tad – San Fermin, San Fermin

I can imagine you Tad, axe in hand, beanie on head, chopping up firewood and vibing to this beautiful debut album by San Fermin. Top Picks – Sonsick, Methussalah

Indie – Good Thing, Leon Bridges

Indie, I don’t know if you’re a Tom Misch fan, or just like using his tunes in your case study videos, but this album offers similar vibes and Leon’s voice will hopefully soothe your frazzled soul if you’re working too hard on an illustration commission. Top Picks – Bad Bad News, Beyond

Edzai Yes Lawd, Anderson .Paak/ NxWorries/ Knxwledge

This album is so damn good Edzai, but I must admit I found it tricky finding something to recommend to you. Not sure if it’s your usual style but the blend of hip hop, soul, funk and rap is hard to resist. Plus the lyrics are, let’s say… controversial, and I love how you too aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers. Top Picks – Fkku, Scared Money, Suede

Alex Heath – Choose Your Weapon, Hiatus Kayote

It was extremely hard to think of something to recommend for you Alex, due to the fact that we discovered very early on that we share an almost identical music taste. Considering that, I’m almost certain you’ll know and love this album, but if not, get involved. Top Picks – Breathing Underwater, Jekyll

Alek – LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening

What can I say? You’re driven, powerful and a force to be reckoned with, just like this offering from LCD. I reckon it’s gonna keep you pumped and motivated during those late night craft sessions. Top Picks – Dance Yrself Clean, I Can Change

Beck – Parcels, Parcels 

You always have a smile on your face, and this album always puts a smile on my face. Also, listen to more Kate Bush! There’s good tunes beyond Running up that Hill I promise. Top Picks – Tieduprightnow, Overnight (it’s on a different album but it’s a tune)

Luke – Saw you in a Dream, The Japanese House

Moody, ethereal, and certainly has a dreamlike quality. I think you’ll enjoy the lush, cinematic production on this EP Luke. Top Picks – Somebody you found, Saw you in a dream

Alice – Telefone, Noname

I love how frustrated we get when mentors or guests get introduced to us as one of the best “female” copywriters, “female” strategists, or “female” art directors. I get frustrated when people call Noname one of the best female rappers. She’s just the best plain and simple, and this album is a phenomenal piece of writing that I bet you’ll love. Certainly not art for the sake of art. Top Picks – Yesterday, Diddy Bop, Casket Pretty

Gaby – Thrill of the Arts, Vulfpeck

You asked what song I used as the background to a video, and it was Birds of a Feather by Vulfpeck. Great song, but I think some of their best stuff comes from this album. Funky tunes to put a smile on your face after any… difficult days… I love this album and I love you too! Top Picks, Back Pocket, Game Winner, 1612

CameronMalibu, Anderson Paak

If I could sum up Anderson Paak in one word it would be cheeky, and that’s something I could also say about you Cam. Such a good album, banger after banger. I hope you enjoy it. Top Picks – Come Down, Am I Wrong

Joe – Illinoise, Sufjan Stevens 

Ok, so before listening to this Joe, you should know that it’s really sad. I’m not recommending you a sad album for any particular reason, it’s just that I know you like John Martyn, Nick Drake ect- and Sufjan is on a similar wavelength. On second thoughts, I’m sure you’ll know this album already, but if you don’t, don’t listen to it if you’re in a good mood, it’s more for indulging melancholy. Top Picks, All of them

Florrie – Tapestry, Carole King 

One of my ABSOLUTE faves, Florrie, I love listening to this while I’m happily sewing, so hopefully it will be a nice accompaniment to your handicrafts! Top Picks, It’s Too Late, You’ve got a friend, A Natural Woman. 

Eloise – PJ Morton, Gumbo Unplugged (Live)

Soulful, jazzy, gorgeous. I can imagine you grooving to this when you need a boogie. I miss dancing together! Top Picks – How Deep is Your Love, First Began

NancyBlue, Joni Mitchell

I know you’re a big reader Nance, so I’m hoping you’ll appreciate what I consider to be one of the most beautiful albums of lyrics I’ve ever listened to. Each song tells a story, so it’s like you’ll be reading 10 extra books this month. Top Picks – Little Green, California, River, Case of You

Osagie – Adiemus – Songs of Sanctuary, Karl Jenkins

Look, obviously I have no idea how much stress you’re under being a full time dad, having a full time job and studying in a full time course. You’re clearly a superhero, there’s no other explanation. I’ve done a lot of babysitting in my time, and my one failsafe method for getting the babies to go to sleep was Adiemus from this album. If it works, you’re welcome. Top Picks – Adiemus, Cactus Iteratus 

SamsonKIWANUKA, Michael Kiwanuka 

A classy album for a classy guy. I get something new from this album every time I listen to it. Top Picks – You Ain’t the Problem, Solid Ground

RoxiModern Johnny Sings: Songs in the Age of Vibe, Theo Katzmann 

Roxi I know you like the advertising of a bygone era, and in this album, Theo Katzman aims to pay homage to the folky, bluegrass sounds of the 70s, while bringing a contemporary air of critique to his lyrics. Top Picks – Hardly Ever Rains, Best, You Could Be President

Vicky – If I Was, The Staves

I don’t really have a justification for this Vicky, other than I completely adore it and it always makes me feel the feels. I think you’ll love the close harmonies, poignant lyrics and sumptuous instrumentation. Let me know what you think! Top Picks – Steady, No Me No You No More, Make it Holy.

Conor – The Last Days of Oakland, Fantastic Negrito

Conor, this album Makes A Point™. It’s Blues basis is effectively a vehicle for Fantastic Negrito to critique American systemic injustices while putting a whole new spin on the genre, combining it with jazz and R&B. It’s honestly just so great. Top Picks – Working Poor, Scary Women, Into the Pines

Marie – Lost and Found, Jorja Smith

Careful, considered, delicate, yet also, very difficult to forget. Marie, I hope you’ll enjoy the wistful, well crafted songs on this album. Top Picks – February 3rd, Lifeboats

Matt – Five Leaves Left, Nick Drake

You’re such a talented artist Matt, and this album is one of the few I’ve collected that genuinely conjures up beautiful technicolour cinematic scenes in my head when I listen to it. I hope you’ll find it an inspiring accompaniment to a painting session.  Top Picks – Riverman, Cello Song, Saturday Sun. 

Mercedes – Isolation, Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a power house and so are you! Full time job, and smashing it on the course?! I know you’ll want to make the most of what limited time you have off, so I promise every track on this album is solid gold. Top Picks – Dead to Me, After the Storm

Michael We Like it Here, Snarky Puppy

Snarky Puppy are the band I’ve seen live the most number of times (four!), because I honestly can’t get enough of them. Hopefully this album will leave you wanting more. I have no idea if you’re a jazz or big band fan, but I can see you really enjoying this. Top Picks – Shofukan, Lingus

GwenThe Blood is Strong, Capercaillie

Capercaillie are an incredible Scottish Folk band, who sing in Gaelic! This album is wonderful, and encapsulates so much of what I love about Scottish music. It should make you feel as if you’re walking through the glens on a misty day, looking out at some beautiful mountains. Top Picks – Fear a Bhata, Calum’s Road, Iona Theme, Skye Waulking Song (on a separate album)

Lux O Magnum Mysterium, Morton Laurisden 

Ok, I’ll admit, I did originally think of this for you Lux as it contains probably my favourite iteration of the ‘Lux’ Aeterna requiem mass, but on second thoughts, this layered, sonically rich and complex choral work should be of interest to you (especially as a classical music fan). Top Picks – O Magnum Mysterium

ShepherdInnervisions, Stevie Wonder 

I know you love Stevie, and his most popular tracks, but have you listened to Innervisions? You will wanna dance Shep! It’s so groovy, you’ll vibe with it 100%. Top Picks – Living for the City, Higher Ground, Golden Lady 

John The Loved Ones, Flyte

I don’t know quite why I thought of this album for you John, but it has a lovely feel to it, and it just reminded me of you somehow. It’s unpredictable, and unusual, upbeat and downbeat at the same time.  Top Picks – Faithless, Victoria Falls, Archie Marry Me

JaneSongs for a New World OBCR, Jason Robert Brown

Easy one for you Jane, it HAD to be musical theatre! This album isn’t a musical persay, but it’s a song cycle of musical theatre like songs, with brilliant lyrics and fantastic melodies. Jason Robert Brown is an actual genius, let me know if you’re into this and I’ll recommend you more of his stuff. Top Picks – Stars and the Moon, Steam Train, Flying Home, Opening

JackThe Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Ms Lauryn Hill 

I mean, what can I say, this album is just phenomenal and I had to recommend it to someone on this list. You’re the lucky one I chose because you’re into your running, and there’s so many great tracks to run to on this. Top Picks – Ex Factor, Doo Wop (That Thing)

GarethBeards Beards Beards, The Beards 

Ok Gareth, this is a little out there, and there’s a strong chance you’ll hate it. But as a man with a penchant for the weirder things in life, I have a feeling you just might appreciate this Australian band, The Beards. They write songs exclusively about beards. To go to one of their concerts, you have to have a beard. They live and breathe beards, and this album, Beards Beards Beards, exemplifies their surreal humour and lyric writing ability. Top Picks – If your dad doesn’t have a beard you’ve got two mums, Stroking my Beard, No Beard No Good

FreddieHamilton OBCR, Lin Manuel Miranda

Freddie there’s a high chance you’re on the Hamilton train already, but if you’re not, I IMPLORE you, it’s time to get on board. Whether or not you like musical theatre, Lin Manuel Miranda is the KING of scansion and clever rhyming. You’ll be blown away by some of his lyrics, and hopefully you’ll like the tunes that go with them. Top Picks – My Shot, Satisfied, Ten Duel Commandments, Guns and Ships

And there we go! Sorry this is so long. If you do find the time to listen, I would so love to hear what you thought. And I would absolutely love a recommendation in return! 

Flo x

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