Checkout our new Agency name! – By @iroxdesign

Checkout our new Agency name!

When I branded myself and my work ‘iRox Design’ in 2011 it was a play on my name, Roxi Khan. As well as using the modern obsession with ‘I’ in front of everything (thanks to Apple…). Only problem is, I have to live up to that brand name! If someone didn’t like my work they could easily go, ‘uSux Design’ or something equally worse. So always be careful on the name you choose, it can come back to haunt you muhahahaha…*clears throat*.

I remember having observed last year’s intake when they came up with their ‘Agency’ name – Krak. They held a vote online to see what the public would choose, needless to say my choice didn’t win. When they were coming up with these names I didn’t envy them this task, creating the identity that your class will be called for the rest of your days there – huge responsibility. At the same time though it was exciting, probably almost like naming a newborn. You’re going to be calling them that name for the rest of their lives, so you’d better jolly well pick a good name! I couldn’t wait for the day when I would get to help name our ‘Agency’, that day finally arrived.

I love the story that Marc gave us for our year which was “what’s the point”. I originally thought it was because of the revelations in Steve Harrison’s book “Can’t Sell, Won’t Sell” – which by the way is a brilliant read. Turns out he was already thinking about this even before Steve’s book came out! Marc’s passionate speech about our responsibilities to do good in the world and to keep the economy running made me scream in my head, “yeeeaaah let’s do this!!!”. We were split into nine teams, yes you read…nine, then got to work.

Our team had thought about creatures, or inanimate objects, that seem to have a thankless role in this world. Which carry on with what they have to do, regardless of their unfortunate situation. One of us found a list of inanimate objects and as soon as toilet roll came up I blurted out loud, “Just Roll With It”. That was it, that’s where the seed of this idea began – it related really well to what we were trying to say. The same team member came up with the thought that there should be some gold element to it as well, as we’re trying to make gold in light of the bizarre circumstance of Covid-19 – plus many other weird situations to boot. So… “Rollin’ Gold” was born!

Despite the fact that our team hadn’t been shortlisted, I was really proud to work on this assignment with the level of team spirit we had for getting the job done. Although well meaning as a proposition, I began to slightly regret our choice of subject almost before judging time – remembering this is a name that we could easily have been stuck with. Even though there is no mention of loo paper in the name it still descended from that idea. So I couldn’t be more happy that our intake is now called “Checkout”, it’s a very cool trendy sounding name and it communicates what we need to be doing – selling, selling and selling. We also want you to Checkout our work!

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