Chip Shop, where’s the line? By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Chip Shop, where’s the line?

Chip Shop rewards creativity without limits.
However, in a post-Charlie Hebdo world, where is the line between a funny jab and putting yourself and your colleagues in danger?
Often you find yourself jumping to ‘how offensive can we make this’.
Naturally, some targets in society are easier to hit.
But it’s only until you look at the news that you realise how easy it is to become a target yourself.
Asad Shah fell victim to a ‘religiously prejudiced’ attack from simply sharing a Facebook post just 3 days ago.
It doesn’t take any lateral stretch of the imagination to out-perform what he said in a poster.
By standing up for freedom of speech and essentially having a laugh, could we too attract the same attention?
By restricting your ideas, are you succumbing to fear and letting them win?
Or is it an intelligent precaution?

Could well be the latter.

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