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By Dean Shein




The last time I checked in, I spoke about how I was finally in a good place. Moments later the school closed. I phoned my dad. And I was headed for Sydney.


Fast forward 30 hours and I’m home.


If someone would have said to me that I’d be here right now in mid March I would have said, ‘Mate you’re bloody Dreamin.’

But Doomsday is up on us.


And… I’m Lovin’ it.


Whenever I usually come home, the dread of having to catch up with multiple mates overwhelms me. In quarantine that sinking feeling doesn’t exist. I simply can’t leave my house for two weeks. And no one can visit me. 

Except my one mate Doron who brought a Bubble-gum Slurpee to my house yesterday and popped it on top of my postbox.

He got A Cola one for himself. And then I climbed onto the edge of the wall, that’s by the driveway and we chatted like Bart and Milhouse. All while I was behind bars.

Quarantining with my Mum, Dad and Labrador in the hot sun is marvellous. 

Today we did Pilates. It was my first time. I wasn’t great. But I’m sure Scarlett will be able to teach me.

It’s so weird being home. It’s so wonderful too. There’s finally time to play board games, watch shows and make Chicken Tikka Masala with my Parents. Time to do all the things we often put off when day to day life gets in the way. I haven’t been home much in 1 and a half years. This is rather unexpected.  

There’s less than a week till D&AD is due and I’m not even that stressed. It’s not what’s important at a time like this. I mean it is. Oliver and I have worked really hard. But we’re experiencing something that happens once in a blue moon. Right now, being there for others is simply more vital. I saw that Pret are giving NHS workers free hot drinks. And BrewDog are brewing hand sanitiser. 

The Coronavirus has reiterated three things for me.

Hygiene matters.

Family Matters.

Humanity matters.


Hopefully we continue these little acts of kindness when it’s all said and done.

It feels surreal in the 32 degree sun.


But I’m a little down that we’ve lost that epic atmosphere of the studio. I’m missing the daily interaction with the most incredible people.

But we have to celebrate the problem. And realise that Opportunity is now here. SCA may be closed physically but it’s well and truly open for business, digitally. We have to plug on with our partners over Zoom And Remo. Zoom is where we run masterclasses. Remo allows us to visualise a classroom and hang out at tables with students and mentors.

We need to plan our days with smart goals. We need to meditate and take breaks often to ensure we stay in flow. Speaking of flow, it was coined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Great name. I know. Last night we had our first ever online masterclass, on the subject. The lesson was by Matt Follows. He spoke about how when our subconscious and conscious are working in tandem… That is when the magic happens. He also gave us some tips and tricks for how to get into a flow state. To me, flow is a drug that is earned, not swallowed. ‘Your brain on stress is like a punch drunk warrior.’ – Matt 

There was an excellent online energy in the class. It felt awesome to be apart of the SCA family from thousands of miles away. I have no doubt exciting times are ahead of us even though this is an uncertain time. And I know Marc and his team are doing their absolute best to ensure that we can stay focused while operating online.

I have two weeks left in captivity. Two weeks to finally learn some craft. Two weeks to write some poetry. Two weeks to dig up a bit of Northern Soul. Two weeks to reflect on how far I’ve come since I was really just home. Not on holiday. But home. Two weeks to have some time for me. Two weeks to think about what is really going on in the world. Two weeks to help others.


At the end of the day, the recent events in the world are a been a reminder of what really matters.


Oh. And we just found out that the D&AD deadline has been extended to the 4th of May………………………………………………………………………………………………..


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