Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate



I think it’s time to give up on my ambitions to become a beloved, world renown, EGOT star.

It’s getting busier and busier, and time is moving faster and faster, and I’m not sure I’m realizing just how fast it’s all going because I’m still enjoying myself very much and taking my good ol’ time.

Since we started having two weeks on each brief, I feel I just have more time to really analyze and research every part of the brief and also inspect the inner most anxiety soaked thoughts in my head as well as dive deep in to my soul and swim around a sea of despair, loneliness and cluelessness. It’s a hoot. Every time.

And the results; a non-binary, non-conforming, gender-neutral cracker. OR BREAD.

You know why?
”Because we don’t like to limit ourselves” We sure don’t, cracker.

Another mini heartbreak in one of those soul discovery sessions, was that I only just now realized my dream of becoming a world renown, beloved actress/pop star is maybe not happening.
Not completely out of the question, but just perhaps getting harder?
I am still holding on for that discovery by an old, strange, engaging man in a shopping mall, while shopping for sport bras with my Mummy. That’s the way you get in to show business, right? right?!?

Anyone still call it show business?? Guys?!?



Well, guys, I am at a crossroads. I am not even quoting A tribe called quest.

Time has caught up with me, the old gal has a an ol’ chip on her shoulder, she’s feeling the pressure, she’s gearing up for winter, she’s breaking the rules, she’s holding nothing back, she’s cracking people up, she’s cutting to the chase, she’s exploring the the ol’ depths of what it really is to be a grown, respectable, mature person who is comfortable in her own skin and having responsibilities and people having expectations from her, with a very subtle air of irreverence. ooooohh.

In all honesty, I am particularly lost at the moment, more than the usual ”I came up from that exit but now I am standing by this exit which is across the street form that exit but I still don’t know how do I get back to the first exit”.

But to get down to brass tacks.

I am struggling to find my place, as always.
Half awake, thinking I’ll find my way forward like always.
Unlike those previous times, I’d rather not disappoint again, as always.

So I think it’s high time, to pick myself up and try again, strap up those boots, to buckle up, to go for broke, hit the nail on the head, use my loaf and go the whole extra mile, no, go two miles, and back! Pedal to the metal.

So keep your chin up, kid!

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