Chirine’s SCAB 29 sept. @Hoballah14

By Chirine Hoballah

This week at the SCA was very instructive and constructively. The more weeks I spend and the better I understand and follow the course. I think I’m making progress in English. This week I really enjoyed the exercises of SOLA and his character. He is a very good speaker and has a gift to tell stories, he takes us with him. Furthermore, his exercises were very interesting. We learned to communicate with others, to trust ourselves, and he showed us that the mind did everything. That in life it’s our mind and our thoughts that guide the rest. Having a good mind and positive thoughts is the most important. I think that at the SCA we build our personality, we learn to gain self-confidence, to impose our ideas, to talk with others, to work in groups, to speak in public. But in fact these are things that I do not usually do and that I don’t like to do. I don’t have confidence in myself, I can’t impose my ideas, I can’t talk to others because I’m a little shy and my English is bad, and I don’t like to speak in front of everyone and have all the attention on me. But all these things are very very important in life and also our future job. Being here is a real challenge for me as I leave my comfort zone and go beyond my limits. The beginning of the week was very difficult for me. On Monday, during Deanna’s class, I didn’t understand the exercise she was asking us to do. And I found myself sitting and asking myself what am I doing here? Will I get there? My parents taught me to never give up. The rest of the week went better as well as Deanna’s course this morning “Who I am”. We had a paper on our backs, and the others had to write adjectives that represented us. It was fun to see what others think of me. Then, on a mirror paper, we had to write the words which think that represents us. I think this is a very good exercise because in describing myself and looking for the good words and reading the words of others, I realize that I have many qualities and also realize that it was a lot of words that I really want to be associated and that it requires to working on myself to being a better person and I think that at the SCA we are taught to be better people. Working in groups is really difficult because communicating in a language that is not his own and expressing ideas in a language that is not his own is very complicated. But that’s how we learning, by going to others and talking with each other. I think this is going better and better because we are in very good conditions to learn and we are well surrounded. Thank you for reading me and I’m sorry for the English faults…

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