Christmas + By @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe


Christmas +


To a front top room in a semi lived in by two,

Where two more stay 24/7, all year through.

Three hours of blurred landscape fill the distance,

Of years upon years of dedicated persistence.


Over there, in the distance, it is easy to be,

One that looks in admiration yet remains so carefree.

But for four that become five for three days this week,

Traditions are changed and behaviours are tweaked.   


Thirty three years my senior, yet still nineteen my junior,

Time travel back at least ten years blurs the future.

So for this Christmas our home is filled with childish cheer,

Eyes squeezed shut, a grin ear to ear.


A stocking hung up and reindeer food left out,

Silence for ten hours before anyone’s about.

Waking up feels like 2005,

The last time anyone had believed in Santa and his Christmas surprise.


Smiles and squeals blast hours away,

Colouring books themed of Frozen lie on display.

Minutes are full of finding entertainment,

From watching the Wizard of Oz to washing runner beans for contentment.


People state simply that they don’t understand,

A broken hip, two broken hearts yet no offering hand.

Forever a child, her brain changed since she was three,

Society brands her different, difficult, a ‘special’ lady.


Our Christmas this year was only with one from my favorite two,

There’s more to be thankful for than just the new.

To the people, the carers to those who help others,

I thank you dearly, as does my family, especially my grandmother. 

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