Christmas Dilemma @_ElliotL

By Elliot Lee


I have so much shit to do.


The last few weeks has been about honing in on how to catapult myself as a creative, and apply this to other aspects of my life. Though I feel this has effectively fucked. I can’t seem to switch my brain off at the moment.


That being said, it’s exciting. Exciting to see the progress.


One of my favourite podcasts to listen to most nights is the Joe Rogan experience. He talks about the fuzzy line between understanding consciousness and unconsciousness, and whether as human beings we are tapped into a frequency within the universe that allows us to explore these new ideas. Our imagination is going to get us jobs, more so as creatives. This mystical part of our brain which cherry picks thoughts and ideas, dreams and the platforms to connect the dots is both overwhelmingly scary, and increasing exhilarating. It’s this conglomeration of emotion that takes up all my headspace at different moments in my day, and I need to control it.


Joe Rogan also mentions that there are real laws to this life, but regardless it all comes together as a work of fiction. What’s also interesting is how our communication navigates us through space and time, and guides us to whatever our destiny is. Without getting all Harry Potter, it’s really interesting to think about how this transcends across a career path, especially one that is driven by creativity and the act of communication.


I think it all stems down to the work you create, and how you apply personality to the creativity around you.


Imagination and creativity is the forefront of our evolution as human beings. What always gets me, however… and I may be uneducated on this subject, is how and where do these initial and innovative thoughts even come from. Of course, inspiration, and copying can progress an idea in a bunch of other saturated ideas. I’m talking though about the real innovations and thoughts with absolute zero influence. That present moment nothing became something, you picked a signal from some unknown frequency in your brain, and all of a sudden you’re creating something wonderful, or guiding something or someone to a destination that may somehow all be disconnected or reconnected.


Complete brainbuster. With all this going on, how does this reflect on my life?


Where this becomes a headfuck is when you want a real life. I can’t stress how intense this year at the SCA is going to be, and time management is crucial. I really need to reflect over the Christmas break the type of things I want to be making, and the impacts I want to have with what I am doing. While doing this, what balance can I start to develop to still have a great social and living life in London?


Not sure. Need to figure that one over Christmas.  It’s always a learning experience. However, I need to stop writing deep stuff in these SCABs. Think my next one is going to be about the difference of Londoners, and people from the Midlands. That will be an interesting blog for sure.

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