Christmas round-up – By @isabellelj1

By Isabelle Johnson


Christmas round-up


This term has been a challenge in more ways than just the ever-increasing workload. As we made it towards Christmas things became more and more a test of stamina and resilience than a test of our abilities.


So if anyone thinking of joining the school is curious to know what it’s like – please read on.


Here are a few of the things that I have learned from the term at SCA aside from advertising.


  1. Gossip


Nothing is a secret at school.


For anyone reading this thinking about joining the school, it’s worth knowing now.

It’s best to learn early that anything that you say or do is going to get found out.

And anything that you say or do is going to probably get told and retold.

And then everything that is told and retold gets bigger and bigger.

And then everything that you may say or do becomes a far uglier truth than it was to begin with.


Bear this in mind before you star.


  1. If you like someone on the course, wait till it’s over.

An extension on the gossip point. There are exceptions to this rule and it can work at times but bear in mind everyone is in the same room together all the time.


  1. People in advertising are surprising nice.

When I first entered the school I was daunted by the huge characters in the room. I thought that the school might be full of entitled nobs. But you learn that a lot of the bravado is smoke and mirrors. And this is no bad thing when a lot of advertising can be smoke and mirrors.


  1. There is more than meets the eye to Marc Lewis. If you’ve had an interview with him and wondered why he told you about the omelette guy and the teabag girl, you may be wondering what on earth the school is about.

I had a sort of epiphany these past two weeks where I realised that the only thing holding me back was myself and that all the barriers in my head were of my own creation. Despite the mind games, Marc has helped me realise this.


  1. Don’t filter yourself. Don’t be embarrassed. Everyone else sounds stupid most of the time anyway. The school is like a creative ball pit. You can stand on the edge and watch but it’s better to jump in and submerge yourself. I feel like I’m on the top diving board ready to jump most of the time. And this is the only way you’re going to progress in this school.


So if this doesn’t scare you too much, then go for it.


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