Click Here To Claim Your Free Gift – By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea

Click Here To Claim Your Free Gift

Congratulations! You’ve Won!


Thank you for being a loyal SCAB reader!


To celebrate the beginning of June and the last term at the school, we’ve decided to select and reward 40 readers at random.


Today is your lucky day! You are one of the fortunate users that have been chosen for the awesome surprise!


For this week only, you will be entailed to receive a completely free handful of popcorn.


To claim your free snack you simply have to get in touch with our generous sponsor, Victoria, who will be providing all those who comply with the instructions with a healthy and delicious snack.


All you have to do to claim your prize is follow these guidelines:


  1. Remember the secret word: Jamba Juice.
  2. When asked, provide the above password.
  3. Do not share the password with anyone else, or the prize will be void.


Please note:

  1. This blog post has no cash redemption value and can be redeemed only in person at the SCA location.
  2. The offer of the aforementioned popcorn is subject to availability.
  3. Machine, corn and popcorn will remain property of our sponsor, Victoria D’Andrea, and is not for resale or publication.
  4. The popcorn is prepared with an air-fryer meaning the result is a lot healthier and less tasty than the store-bought equivalent. The proprietor takes no responsibility for customer satisfaction.

For full terms and conditions, please just ask.

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