Clothing 2030 – By @mustjames

By James Mustoe


Clothing 2030

Living with less.
Nature based and globally connected.
The world is economically slow and air pollution and migration are top priorities.
Citizens are connected through global peer-to-peer networks, and countries work together to reduce emissions and share scare resources.
Fashion is designed with customers and made with materials that do not contain polyester.
Fashion is bought from community owned online stores and repaired by the brand as part of a 15-year product guarantee.
Hyper hype.
Technology paced and economically stimulated.
The world is high tech and adapting to widespread consequences of climate change and loss of wildlife.
An ultra-globalized economy runs on innovation, data and hyper consumption.
Fashion is designed with artificial intelligence and made using lab grown materials.
Fashion is bought online from global mega brands and maintained through self-cleaning properties.
A daily collection service picks up items no longer being worn, to be returned to stores and repaired by the brand as part of a 25-year product guarantee.
Safety race.
Regionally located and culturally fragmented.
The world is regionalised and protectionist whilst competing on action towards climate change.
Trade alliances connect regions but water scarcity causes tensions globally.
Fashion is designed bu high profile designers and made using regionally sourced materials.
Bought from national brands, fashion is cared for through a digital valet app.
It is worn until it is returned to the seller after a couple of seasons.
Chaos Embrace.
People centred and governance re-invented.
The world is in retreat from globalisation and communities are focused on becoming self-sufficient.
Climate change has slowed but with restricted trade energy, food and water are top priorities for many communities.
Fashion is designed by local makers and made with re-used materials and a revival of local techniques.
Fashion is bought from local small businesses and maintained by the owner before being re-sold.
4 possible routes clothing and fashion could take.
Fashioned from Nature at the V&A

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