Comfort – By @XX2AD

Vlad Frolov

By Vlad Frolov



Dear diary,
I woke up this morning filled with an incredible sadness. Yesterday was my birthday and after (wisely) consuming five pints of Stella within the space of maybe three hours (Or two?…Oh, what the hell, it’s my birthday!) I fell asleep on my living room sofa while my friends were all chatting away to each other.
I woke up today and I thought, the one thing I’ll miss most this year is comfort. Not in the comfy-sofa kind of way, but in the at-peace kind of way. The fall-asleep-on-the-comfy-sofa way.
I’ll miss skipping my Psychology lectures, like I have in the past three years, and watching Modern Family in bed instead for the twelfth time. I’ll miss being bored and going on Digg to check what new maybe-interesting thing has happened in the world/on the internet. I’ll miss having an essay to write but procrasti-cleaning instead (my kitchen tops are spotless). Those are the things I thought I’d miss when I woke up this morning “filled with an incredible sadness”.
Then I had another thought, and that thought was that I am just so full of shit.
I want change and I’ll take change any day over comfort. 
I want to know nothing because my bed gave me a bad back and Modern Family is beginning to really grate on me.
Comfort is temporary and change is constant.

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