The right balance. @leavaude 

By Léa Vaudé 

Today, it’s been exactly one month I’m living in London. And it goes so fast. After I’ve been expulsed from my first flat by a vicious creepy landlord, I find a new place in Brixton. Not perfect and far from the comfort I had in Paris with my boyfriend, but this area is really cool and diversify, and I see the bell tower of the church, where SCA is, from my window: what a privilege!

I also see and hear the bell of Lambeth town hall, that rings every quarter.
I love this authentic song that kind of materialized the time, and that’s a good reminder the time passes in our hands with an uncontrollable speed.

The rhythm at SCA just started to accelerate, week by week, we are getting into the bath and everyone already gets their little habits at school. It’s getting a bit harder to manage our time and set our mind to be in the present moment.
But I’m not really the type of person who is asking advice for time management or topics like this because I don’t think there is a good recipe to deal with the time you got. Perhaps my stupid rebellious spirit enjoys doing the opposite of what we are told is best for us. I’m still thinking my way is the best, sometimes it is, sometimes it’s completely wrong.

And I don’t believe in good mantra or in good ways to deal problems, I really prefer to be spontaneous, and risk not to say the right word in a conversation, I don’t really know how to put a filter in my mouth, and seriously people don’t understand me sometimes, and even more in English.

Obviously, it’s great to have tools in our hands. But it’s important to keep in mind, in fact, we are free to do anything we want. I have the impression techniques are boundaries, even if it’s certainly wrong. When I’m working alone I’m stubborn and do my work on my own with no advice. It’s when I’m working in a team I realized it’s not so bad to actually use the precious tools mentors are giving us.

It’s all about finding the right balance and matching our personality with everything we learn here, at SCA.

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