Grateful – By @Antonio_line_

By Antonio Castellano




I wrote this SCAB on Friday night, actually it was already Saturday for 4 hours. I had to fix it a bit and correct some spelling mistakes. So this is now a clean version of it.

It’s 3 am. I’ve just come home from a long and crazy night. I’m drinking water from a 2 litre bottle to try to restore myself a bit. I’m a bit slow but I feel writing a SCAB is the right way to frame this moment forever. I had a super hard week, struggling with the brief, but tonight we went out to celebrate Zoe, Sophie and Jacob’s birthday! I had such an amazing time. Everything was so good and in the right place and time. I had a moment of clarity.

I always dreamt about living in London when I was a teenager. I felt it was the place where I was meant to be in. A lot of music artists, movies and singers brought my attention on this city. And now I’m finally living here. I’m everyday so grateful for that. During term 1 I lived in the Nightmare flat and that kind of stopped me appreciate the whole experience of London. Now that I’ve moved, everything is just perfect!

I am also doing SCA which makes me live a roller coaster of emotions but also a good satisfaction in my job life. I’m focusing my creativity in the right place. Finally! I’m trying my best, I’m enjoying the experience, I love my classmates. It’s just the time of my life.

A lot of things happened tonight I but can’t talk about them and maybe I don’t even remember them all. Without getting too much into details, I’ve realised, even more tonight, that London is like another planet. So different from Rome. I genuinely didn’t think it would be so much. Complete different minds, new vibes, energetic air. London can give you everything, if you only stand up from the sofa and go to get it. And I’m very often an extremely under control guy. I want to know and anticipate how things will go to fight the unexpected. Maybe I fear to step out because I’m scared to get hurt and that sounds like a kid’s behavior. But maybe it’s because I’m feeling in my place in London or because it is actually the city to take me out but yeah, I feel like I don’t have to worry. Every route is open, every scenario is possible. If you think big and believe in it, everything can happen.

This SCAB is more about myself, a reminder for a future Antonio when things will get worse.

I’m so genuinely grateful to this city, my school and my friends. Tonight I lived the unexpectedness and now I feel like I can bring it back to my work. I always think that these emotional reflection SCABs I write aren’t really enjoyable for readers. But I really feel helpful writing my emotions down.

I feel better.

Love you guys,

Love you SCA,

Love you London.

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