Nonconformity and the Creative Life, by @_hunterfargo

Michael Hutton






By Michael Hutton



I wanted to share the video I played at my selection day with you all.


Looking back on it now, I’m amazed Marc offered me a place at the school. The video wasn’t my work, and it showed nothing of my creativity. Somehow I managed to sell myself.


That said, the video was, and still is, special to me. I’d discovered it at a crossroads in life, and it encapsulated everything I desired – to move from a conformist existence into a more liberal and creative one.


Before SCA, my life was full of conformity.


I’d been a good child. Attended boarding school. Gone to University. Got a degree. Found a decent job. And travelled a bit. I was always polite, and never got into trouble. The expectant behaviour of a middle class boy from Surrey.


I blame this on two things:


  1. my parents, and;
  2. my self doubt 


In effect, I was a total pussy.


The video totally changed my outlook on life. It gave me a sense of entitlement. To go and achieve all that I wanted. To say fuck it to the world, and to just live my own life. Not one of subservience to the rest of society, and certainly not one for my parents.


In my preceding 27 years on Earth, I’d been paralysed by expectation. Subsequently, I wanted to please everyone, all of the time. I had a personality, but it wasn’t fully formed or totally confident, so I changed depending on the company I was in. I was effectively acting out my life how I thought others wanted me to. I was a fraud, and it was exhausting.


I applied to SCA because I knew it was going to be more than just an ad school to me. It was going to be a chance to change my life – both professionally and personally.


It was a chance to fail. A chance to learn. A chance to discover. A chance to grow. A chance to fundamentally change how I was living life. Ultimately, it was a chance to find harmony and happiness within.


Five months on from that fateful selection day – I’ve never been happier. I finally understand who I am, my place in society, and what I want to do with my life. I don’t care what people think of me, and I don’t care what people think of my work.


I started this new life for me. Not anyone else.



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