Confessions of a Hoarder…

You may have read the title and thought I had a feature in Channel 4’s Hoarder SOS or that I have a cluster of dust collected, out-of-date condiments in the back of my cupboard, piles of books slanting like leaning towers of Pisas or perhaps an army of rainbow-haired trolls (okay maybe this is an overshare)…

Rather than being a condiment collector, I am in fact a hoarder of ideas, stockpiling scrappy bits of paper with black Sharpie scribbled all over them. Since my first week at SCA, I have taken up the art form of scamping (the very first squiggley and scribbley draft for ads) and stowed my drawings away like some sort of deranged squirrel. These scribbles are the foundations of executions, you never know when you might need an idea so I store them in the back of my mind, and also in this cheeky hardback book I bought from the Range for £2.99.

Inspired by Mark Denton week and his fables of stowed childhood memories and objects, such as the Johnny Seven, joys of Cluedo (most notably the Miss Scarlett card) and the very disappointing John Bull printing set… I wanted to share and rate my favourite hoarded scamps, apologies about the drawing in advance, enjoy.

Dealing with Death 4 Dummies 

Aghhh my very first proper scamp (I even signed it?! Who did I think I was back in October?!!). Cute throwback moment. The brief you ask? Get new parents to write a will for their children. Overall top marks for weirdness. Some clever thinking in placing Farewill in the style of a new parenting book for dummies, at least that was the aim… It looks more like a book to mourn the death of a child which isn’t ideal. Good effort though and a very simple idea, not very well executed. 4/10. 

Switch Beer for Ballroom 

Get single older men to spend their evening’s ballroom dancing instead of drinking at stinky Wetherspoons. Very weird, excellent detail on the moobs and snail trail could use a bit of colour I reckon. The ballroom dancer looks a bit like a swan. The idea doesn’t make sense and doesn’t highlight the benefits of swapping beer for ballroom, but I had fun drawing it so extra points for that. Rates high on unexpectedness. 5/10. 

Every Little Helps for the Cost of Living

The brief? Show how Tesco is helping its customers with the cost of living crisis. Very tongue-in-cheek copy, simplistic and would (hopefully) make people chuckle or get annoyed which is good stuff. Inspired by a real-life incident from Edwina Curry’s Tory life hacks, so very topical. High marks for simplicity and clean-cut layout. 7.5/10.

Mirinda Meets Red Riding Hood 

Mirinda is so sweet that even villains can drink it and become sweet. 10/10 for the excellent drawing, notably the sheer shock on Little Red Riding Hood’s face and the delicious goodies gran has prepared for the wolf. 


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