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My top 3 agencies

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about agencies. As you know, next year we will all have to find a placement and we all dream of working for creative agencies like Droga5BETC or McCann New York… But not me.
Today I wanted to talk about 3 agencies that you have probably never heard of but that are real creative nuggets/outsiders. The campaigns I have selected can be real inspirations, I advise you to watch them.

Here are the 3 agencies that interest me the most right now:

You have probably heard about Cossette this year after they won a grand prize at Cannes with the campaign «Follow the arches». Cossette is the N°1 advertising agency in Canada, best known for working on McDonald’s, VIA Rail and Sick Kid budgets. Over the years Cossette has distinguished itself from the other Canadian agencies by creating extremely crafty and relevant content. You will find below 3 stunning campaigns of the agency, which I love:
Follow the arches 2017:

Another Canadian agency but really different in the content they produce. They are the « direct competitors » of Cossette (from my point of view) and they compete every year the first place at the most awarded Canadian agency. Rethink made its reputation thanks to its campaigns for IKEA, but they have recently established their own style creating Smart and full of emotion campaigns. You will find below 3 campaigns of the agency, which I love:
Greenpeace 2018:
Finally, my favorite and the outsider of the competitionTBWA / RAAD Dubai, an agency that is starting to get more and more fame in the Advertising Business. The Middle East is still a “very young” and developing region, and I think that in a few years this region full of extravagance will become one of the leaders in the advertising world. TBWA / RAAD became known / heard internationally 2 years ago with an advertising campaign for Pril called “One-drop bottle”. Since, the agency continues to create impacting campaignshere are 3 campaigns of the agency, which I love:
Pril 2016:

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