I’m scared of dying, am I a lion? – By @Antonio_line_

By Antonio Castellano 


I’m scared of dying, am I a lion?


My dear, I’m scared of dying, am I a lion?


I can be, why not? I’ve got a mane, and a similar colour. Usually, it lives inside a jungle, but it’s now inside a Forrest. He said Marta is a lion and I don’t doubt it. Why should I? I mean lions are cool but the pencils are better. Oh yeah! The black is cool. But I am a yellow jumper flashing ‘look at me!’. So yellow. But not one. I need two. One for me, one for my southern fried chicken chef. So I and my buddy will win a white and then we will ask for it to be divided. You know, the white, the light, divided into the colours of the rainbow. We will have 16.8 million of pencils. And among them, we will collect the 2 yellow shades that pleased us. The other ones will be given to my classmates and to Marc. So that SCA will obtain the record of the most awarded school ever. What I say school, I mean the most awarded thing in the world. Marc will be so proud. But after that, he would have achieved his smart goal and he should close the school and go to achieve a new goal.

But that is another story, another SCAB.


How to fix an airplane? You need the right tools and techniques. But it doesn’t always work. So in that case, put your hands on the back of it and push. Push. Push and craft. Maybe you will get lost bringing your airplane to the mechanic, so you better have anTom-Tom. Also, it’s good to have 3 spare minutes in the morning and 3 in the evening. The diary. Positive affirmation: I’m not an island. I’m a lover. A dogs lover. I know it’s weird, but it’s not leaving if it’s not with them. Everything else is a nightmare, flat. No more certainties. These days less than ever. Now that Talent has completely beaten Mr. Work Hard in an IDeas fight. He’s sad but he will get over It. W.H. will just keep being a dreamer. Niceeeee. Like an artist. Do you know Mirò, the artist? I know him very well. He meows very often. So I have to feed them with Bolognese pasta and naughty water.

He’s picky, like me!


Reflection slide dream topic: describe your week with a meme. Please, Marc! Even if we all know that the winner of this game is gonna be, the one and only, Memelord. For that reason, I’m feeling miserable now. I really need a soup. It will definitely flip my life! Yes! A hot soup! I’m so emotional! I have a new view now, so I leave everything to chase my dream: becoming a singer. A very precious person in my life, a Ruby, told me I have the voice of an angel… of the hell. It’s good! My friend Philp told me about Danto’s inferno. It’s a scary place but fright is helpful for creativity. I scared Victoria last week for several times, and read her new SCAB! Brilliant. Like Finish Powerball. But she wants my sandwiches, like everyone. I see them staring at them. My sandwiches are very successful.


Simple ‘cause just sandwiches,

Unexpected because of the nuts,

Concrete ‘cause you can bite them,

Credible because they are made from an Italian,

Emotional due to the extra virgin olive oil from my region and

Story simply because they represent a synthesis of a journey.

That’s the project I’m gonna win a pencil with.


Confused? So am I.



The copy scores 86.3 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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