Hey You! – By @elisaczerwenka

Recently we had the wonderful Poppy (@thepoppywriter) give us a masterclass about being kind. Part of it was the exercise to write a letter to a fellow creative. It was brilliant and one of my favourite classes at SCA so far.

Here is what I wrote. 

“Hey you.

I know the past weeks have been different. Or has it been Months? I can’t even tell. Life is different in 2020 and adjusting needs time. 

I know you try really hard. You do all that’s asked, you try to fulfil all expectations – and more. First one in, last one out. Yet it seems like sometimes the results are not coming in. It could always be done better. 

I am here to tell you that there is one important thing you forgot to do. Or were too scared to do. It is so essential without it, nothing else will work. All your efforts will be wasted. What this is? Believing in yourself. 

I know it sounds cheesy but asks yourself. Do you genuinely think you can reach the things you are aiming for at the moment? Are you even fighting for the right things? 

Why? Ask yourself. 

Because to me, it seems that while you are full of ideas and dreams, you sometimes don’t turn them into action. Someone else might do them better, right? Or they might not be ready to be made yet. They need more time. There is always a good reason, while you forget the actual one. You need to trust in yourself and the process. 

It would be easier if you just saw yourself through my eyes sometimes. You’d think you can reach anything. But since that isn’t possible, I will at least try to make you see what I see. 

You are talented, and the only thing holding you back is your fear. All the dreams you have? They’re possible. They are actually likely gonna happen if you continue to focus on them and allow yourself to get them.

If you fail, accept it, better yourself and move on. But you need to let yourself fail, just as much as you need to allow yourself to win. One can not exist without the other. And the sooner you accept that you’ll see that often, they’re the same thing. So fail! Once you have accepted that, you will try much more, and as a result, the wins will be more evident to you. 

You are learning. Be grateful for who you are, cherish your body and your mind. Nothing worth anything comes quickly. You already know that. But here is a reminder. Great relationships take time. Building skills takes time. Creating a great career won’t be done in one all-nighter. At SCA, you’re building all 3. So keep your persistence and fight for what you deserve. Believe in yourself and fuck shit up from time to time. It’s necessary.”

(the creative I wrote to, was me)


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