ENDLESS TIME – By @EvaMenovsky

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By Eva Menovsky




As most of you, we are all isolating now. 

Cramped up in the four walls that we call home. 

And the relationship we have with time is changing. 

Suddenly a day feels like a week. There is room to think and to reflect.


When I was little, Tangled was my favourite movie.

The girl with the long hair locked in the tower.

I was so jealous, that she was able to read and paint all day, without any distractions.

In my mind, she could do anything she wanted to, without the social pressure and obligations.

I used to tell my mom, I would love to stay at home for one month, just painting and reading. 


And now I got my wish. 

It’s harder than I thought it would be. 

Mostly because, doing SCA from home, is a whole new experience.

SCA is only one year, and you want to enjoy it, the most you can. 

It feels like time and space is surpassing us.

Furthermore, there is little time to read and paint.


My mom keeps reminding me that my grandmother had to hide in the second world war.

She hid for 2 and a half years in a 1 by 1-meter room with only a small window.

Being on a lockdown for two weeks or a couple of months is easier when you remind yourself of that.


Especially when I think of what that time did for my grandmother. 

She never saw it as hiding, she saw it as a retreat. 

This 7-year-old girl was reflecting and meditating all day long like all the Buddhist do.

She said she found herself. In all the silence and fear, she found insights about life and herself.

My grandmother immediately became a Buddhist after the second world war ended. 


I like to remind myself of what my grandmother went through, to go through this myself.

As has been pointed out a couple of times to me, this is “bigger” than the second world war.

There isn’t a single person left that isn’t talking about it. 

Something that matters to us all, occupies us.

That spreads worldwide. 


It gives a strange collective feeling.

I don’t think anyone has ever felt this connection, to people from all over of the world before.

Somehow this has brought us closer together, than ever before. 

We forgot to look at our differences and start collaborating. 

Isn’t that tragically beautiful?


It is a weird time, lots of conflicting thoughts.

The rational scientist in me is curious to see what happens.

The emotional little girl in me is scared for what’s going to happen.

The creative artist in me is inspired to create solutions. 


As the walls of our world are closing in, there is finally room and space to reflect.

We should take this opportunity, and ask ourselves, the things we haven’t done enough.



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