Confidence – By @FlaviaVentura2

Flavia Ventura

By Flavia Ventura




‘People tend to avoid tasks and situations they believe exceed their capabilities but undertake and perform assuredly activities they judge themselves capable of handling.’


Where does confidence come from? Is it something intrinsic in our characters or something we are able to gain with time and practice? Can we confidently do something we’ve never done before? Can confidence actually change the way we perform different skills and ultimately the way we conduct our lives?


It’s no secret that confident people go far in life. They get the girls, or the guys, great jobs, lots of money and most importantly happiness all together. So why not just say ‘f**k it, from now on I’ll be confident’?


I believe one’s worst enemy is thyself. The innate fear of not being ‘good’ enough stops us from trying in the first place. It’s, in fact, this mugging, heavy feeling of fear in our chests that tells us that maybe, just maybe, we aren’t ready to take a step, that maybe, just maybe, we’re meant to wait a little longer — and so we go, we wait for when we’ll be ready, aka never.


Many times during the course of the year we’ve been told that having the idea is the easy part of our job, what’s really hard is making the idea happen. The past few talks made me realize how much more it could be done in one day. Ross’ masterclass today was extremely eye opening. The guy is one year older than I am and has basically built his own retailer empire, what have I really accomplished in 23 years of life?


On my way to school today, I thought, just for a second, that maybe I shouldn’t try to be the best I possibly can, maybe I should just do what is required and get a way with it. The moment I finished this thought process I understood what ‘fear plays trick on you’ truly means. It’s easy not to care, not to get involved…but let fear win like this…? No Sir.


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