Covisolation Thoughts

I’ve just started my first week in SCA since getting Covid, despite only being a week it felt like months.  I’ve just emerged from what I remember being the first time I was annoyed at having days off since school. I hate getting ill as much as the next guy, but when I was younger, at school, there used to be (at least for me) a sense of joy around staying at home. 

A weird point of smugness for myself was that somehow I’d danced the line with covid for years without catching it. Although NO MORE! The last month has been pretty intense, week on week the workload was steadily increasing, so you know what’s coming (ish) and can mentally prepare (kinda). During my last week before getting ill, were engaged in 5 daily briefs, which was in some ways horrific but also very satisfying. There was a weird sense of tired accomplishment that I have had SCA since starting, something I haven’t experienced in years. 

The following week was expectedly more challenging from what I hear, although I didn’t experience that as I was ill. When I became ill my first thought was that my momentum was going to get screwed up. 

That’s probably not the best way to think about your health, especially with all the “Health First !” stuff going around over the last few years. The flip side is that I realised I actually enjoy something enough that I’m annoyed I can’t do it despite it being gruelling at times – this was the first time in years I’ve had that, and so it was a welcome feeling. 

I really have no idea what to write for the rest of this. I didn’t do anything of remote interest in the last week and honestly slept for most of it. The week of forced solitude is over, and I’m going in tomorrow; which I have a weird excitement about. 

I thought about my recent life quite a lot over the last week as there wasn’t really much else to do. 

I came to two conclusions : 

1: I realised I was unhealthier than I thought I was and should probably take steps to improve it. 

2: It was the first time since joining SCA I had really stopped and thought about where my life was, I remember doing this when I was working, I had the realisation I wasn’t really happy with where I was, what I was doing, and how I was living which led me to leave what I was doing and join SCA leading to me in the last two months learning more material skills than I did in my undergraduate and master’s degrees combined. 

After my somewhat rudimentary assessment of my life, I’m curious about what the following months have in store for me and nervously excited about the daunting incoming workload. 


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