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By Antonio Castellano


I wanted to write a different SCAB, about a topic that could be interesting for a lot a people in the class so I decided to do an Q&A. Intakes ask me questions and I will reply, and I HAVE TO tell the truth. Gossip always appeals. Anyway I decided to ask to my lovely french and bulgarian friends to set me the questions because the majority of them is going to leave at the end of December so they won’t have anymore the chance to do my Q&A.

However, let’s start.

  1. What’s your biggest dream?

I haven’t a clear biggest dream.

Rightnow: I want to find the perfect flat in London.

For the soon-future: I want to have a job that makes me happy.

For late future: living a serene life.

In general: that all the people I love will be safe and sound.

  1. Are you scared to be become old?

Now I’m scared of a lot of other things so, honestly, I haven’t had the time to worry about become old. It’s like it’s not something related to me right now, I’ll deal with it in 40 years if I will be alive. Usually, it’s not the best moment of human life but it has also its pros.

  1. If you would be a pasta, which kind would you like to be?

Probably fusilli, maybe because I’m eating them everyday here in London and I’m already becoming one. They are versatile, you can eat them with different sauce, they keep the sauce vey well and they are rounded and funny!

  1. Do you think that you will find your partner here?

Not sure yet, so far I have worked seriously with very few people. Fortunately from this ending week we will have Portfolio Briefs every week. Finally it sounds like the game has started. In my room I have a whiteboard with the name of my top 3 favourite copywriters (updated every  week) so yes it’s something I’m a bit worried about. I know s/he doesn’t have to be my best friend or something similar, it’s all about a professional stuff. Anyway I had a working-mind connection with a couple of guys so yes, I hope so.

  1. Would you like to work abroad or in your country?

As you all have already understood, I love Rome but unfortunately I experienced very clearly that it is a bad place to work in. So I came here in London to study advertising in a British way and I would love to work here at least for a bit, as long to understand how it is.

  1. Can you sign Djadja from Aya Nakamura’s please?

  1. What student inspires you the most? And why?

As student Tom. I see him every day scamping and trusting the system. And on our PB1, mentors said Tom’s team’s work was ready for new blood. He keeps doing his duty as  student and he’s trusting the system.

  1. Is it okay to cut pasta?

Dude it’s not ok! It’s like to punch a carrot cake before eating it. There’s no reason. I know the taste won’t be affected If they designed it and the pasta in that way there’s a reason behind.

  1. What’s that obsession with the truth Antonio? Are you hiding something?

I don’t think I’m hiding something consciously or inconclusively. Maybe I’m looking for something. I like sincerity so I give sincerity.

  1. For how much will you get your hair cut to look like Dean’s?

Having my hair cut it’s not a problem  (anymore). I couldn’t before because I was modelling but now I can. I have always linked a particular haircut with a specific period of my life so before moving to London I thought I could have a new haircut. Anyway I would say at least £800 for one like Dean’s. It has taken 2 years to have this length and it will take 8 months to have a length I like.

  1. What is your favorite piece of art?

Monet’s water lilies are amazing. I saw them live in France. Stunning. The colors, the composition. I lost myself into them. They also bring me back  to that dream-holiday in Paris.

  1. What is your favorite pasta sauce?

Probably bolognese ragù, because it’s very tasty. It’s the food I can cook the best and it’s a complete meal. I want to mention also ‘amatriciana’ and ‘broccoli and sausages’

  1. What is your favorite film from an artistique visual aspect ? And why?

I really enjoyed watching “Baby driver”. It was a peace of art for the perfect music fitting the scenes. My favourite film ever is “Interstellar” and I also think I feel it like art for the story, the emotions and

  1. If you could ask a question to a yourself in the future, which it will be?

Probably I’ll ask him what is the biggest irreversible mistake I will do so to prevent it and not doing it.

Thanks everyone for the questions!

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