I kinda made someone happy last night – By @sperfys

Federica Martini

I kinda made someone happy last night

How many times have you heard the sentence “making someone else happy could be more fulfilling than your very own happiness”. Well you wouldn’t believe how true it is, when you care about someone and that person is about to cry for happiness, and that’s just because of you, because you had a minute to think about her and that your little present would have made her the happiest person on the planet earth. Hard to believe but at the end when good vibes are all around us everything goes perfectly fine.

Yesterday was NME awards night, and Coldplay were the special guest of the night, one of my best friends is one of their biggest fan, and when I found out that Angus and Drew weren’t going anymore I called her immediately:
“hey do you want to see Coldplay tonight for free??”

You can imagine her reaction.
Well i’ll make it brief, I was supposed to work there, I knew about that since 2 months ago, I thought I would have served the bands at the tables, but at the end when I came in yesterday I found out I was in a bar on the back, unable to see anything. I got upset, I was really excited about that. At the end my friend got the wristbands to get into the auditorium and gave one to me, but my manager didn’t allow me to go to see the show during my break, upset again! We were bored because no customers were coming at the bar…even more upset. Nothing was how I imagined it. 5 minutes later my manager comes to me ” hey do you want to finish early and see the show?… go!” , the show was just at the very beginning and I got to see almost everything.
I made my friend happy and karma paid me back, I got to see the show with her, see her happiness, I think if she had the voice to thank me 1 million times she would have done so.
At the end if that wasn’t enough we also got an autograph from the frontman, I managed to take my SCA notebook out of my bag and a sharpie, got an autograph and gave it to her. Even better. Many people could think that this is just a huge overreaction, but the power of dreams and good music combined together is just the biggest thing I have ever experienced.
I kinda felt the same when I helped Ben to sneak into The Vaccines changing room and he told me he felt alive.
Because of you someone is feeling alive and happy, wouldn’t you be proud of yourself? Wouldn’t you feel the same?
So my friends, if you have the power to do something good for someone do it!

(Karma if you work as you should…I got my first book crit tomorrow, think about me.)

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