Craft Club – By @FlorrieMacleod

Craft Club

It’s snowing, the fire is lit and I have a pug dog next to me. For reflections this week I thought I would talk about ‘Craft Club’. As we are all still in lockdown, it has been hard adjusting to not being able to see people. I really want to strengthen our SCA community even more, so I have decided to start a craft club. I think the activity for this week will be making a mascot using either a toilet roll or kitchen roll as a base, and then adding on features and decorations.

I am hoping that it will inspire us all to put down our drawing tablets, phones and computers for a while. Instead, we can rummage in our desk drawers, collect pieces of scrap paper and make something random, whilst also having a chat about day to day life outside of advertising.

I like the idea of there being a loose theme or crafting idea for every week. I really hope we can all bring something to the table and learn from each other. For example, I would love it if; Matt could give us all a painting class, if Flo could show us how she draws so naturistically, if Tad could show us how to carve spoons from wood, if Vicky could give us photography tips and tricks. The list goes on.

The amount of support I’ve had from my fellow students and mentors has been fantastic, and I want to thank you all for that. SCA is a high tempo place and there are lots of briefs running at the same time. Setting aside a couple of hours every week where I can work on non-related SCA projects is very important for me.

Although we are living in an increasingly digital world, there is always a time and a place for the analogue and handmade. I find I am at my happiest when I am physically making something. Whether that be painting an imaginary creature, hand knitting, sculpting, doing embroidery or printing. A tip for any future students is to make the most of Friday’s reflections slides. Although they can sometimes feel like another thing to add to your long list of things to do, you can make whatever you want (most of the time).

With term two’s half term fast approaching we are also being told to focus on why we decided to come to SCA and what our goals are. For me, it was to champion the analogue and craft in advertising. Over the half term I am going to start the long process of writing a children’s book (I have wanted to do it for a long time).

If anyone reading this blog post would like to contribute or make suggestions for craft club, please do.

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