Creative Block – By @FlaviaVentura2

By Flavia Ventura


Creative Block


The creative block, that scary black hole you can’t get out of. We’re all well familiar with it. 


I thought I experienced it a bunch of times throughout the course of the past two semesters at SCA but I’ve only now realized I was wrong. I hadn’t experienced it, up until this week.


A dark, black, endless, agonizing hole that sucks your energy, your well being and most of all, your creativity.


After submitting D&AD, my neurons decided to take a not-so-little holiday session. At the moment, to say that my brain is useless is an understatement.


I had it all nicely planned; ‘after D&AD, I’ll take a day for myself and recharge my batteries’, and so I did, and it was great.


Great until Monday came around, and I found myself staring at the walls in hope for an idea to fall on my lap, hour in, hour out. Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Week. Hundred percent brain fried.


And the more you can’t come up with ideas, the more you look at your peers as if they were creative gods, and the more you feel like a little, insignificant, purposeless, useless shit. It is a terrible endless cycle.


Most of all, what I found really hard, was to be excited about briefs. Each and every one of them looked like a pile of monstrosity to me.  No exceptions.  The thought of having to fail on yet another brief was too much to bare.


This sad story of how I lost my brain, and my so-called ‘creativity’ does have silver lighting though. 


That is, it can’t get any worse.


To combat this ongoing neuron strike, I got myself back into scamping. So each morning, before getting out of the house, I sit down on my couch and hope black pages will spark some thought. If I don’t have a decent idea, I don’t get out of the house. I’ve made it to school just in time most days this week, but I’ve the feeling I’ll be dancing my life away at town hall very soon.


Of course, being dramatic me, this all seems like a tragedy – and it might well be.


In the last couple of days I’ve started having a bit more fun with the briefs again and have tried to be a bit more light hearted. I’m hoping to be on my way to get back in the game soon.





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